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Zanzibar Holidays 2022


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Our Hottest Zanzibar Holiday Packages With Flights

Take your dream holiday to Zanzibar in 2022. We have a wide range of cheap Zanzibar holiday packages including flights and more for you to explore.
All Zanzibar Holiday Packages With Flights
Not sure which parts of Zanzibar to see? We've helped narrow down the favourites with our Zanzibar holiday packages with flights (ZNZ).

Here's what you can expect from a Zanzibar Holiday Package with flights in 2022:

Be swept away on a tide of tranquillity in the blissful tropical paradise of Zanzibar. Lounge on pristine beaches, watch as white-sailed dhow boats make their lazy way across calm Indian Ocean waters. Food lovers can savour the many aromatic spices and cuisines that the island is famous for around the world. 

Make your way to the charming whitewashed houses, quaint shops, buzzing bazaars, ancient mosques and busy squares of the capital's old quarter in Stone Town. This historic World Heritage Site enchants visitors with memorable sights, sounds, fragrances and experiences in one place. 

A particular highlight on any Zanzibar holiday is a visit to one of the spice farms where visitors see first-hand why the island justifiably earned its reputation as a rich trading centre all those centuries ago. 

Travellers who enjoy deep-sea diving will be delighted with the spectacular and bountiful marine life and colourful coral reefs that lie hidden just below the waterline. 

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