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If you’re planning a trip to Tauranga, don't forget your swimsuit! Famous for its golden-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, Tauranga is actual paradise for beach dwellers. Other Tauranga essentials include your appetite and some loose-fitting clothes, as you'll want to indulge in all the delicious seafood, fresh produce and artisanal treats the region has to offer, and finally, don't forget your sense of adventure! Tauranga is a hub for thrilling outdoor activities, from skydiving and bungee jumping to surfing and paddleboarding. The rest will be determined by the time of year you plan to travel.

If you're looking for some sun, sand and surf, make your way to Mount Maunganui Beach. This popular spot is known for its beautiful golden sands and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect place to spend a lazy day by the ocean. For those who love the great outdoors, head to McLaren Falls Park for waterfalls, tranquil lakes and hiking trails. Pack a picnic and spend a day exploring this natural wonderland. If you're after some culture and history, take a trip to the Elms Mission House and Gardens, which dates back to the early 1800s, and if it’s a food-coma you seek, you’ve come to the right place. From fresh seafood to artisanal treats, there's no shortage of tasty treats to indulge in.

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It depends on what brings you to Tauranga in the first place! If you’re looking for sun-drenched days by the beach, then summer (December to February) is the best time. For those who love outdoor activities, autumn (March to May) is the ideal time for adventuring, hiking and biking. If you’re a foodie, spring (September to November) is perfect for sampling some of the freshest seafood and produce the region has to offer, and finally, winter (June to August), although it can be a little chilly and rainy, still has plenty to offer visitors including incredible whale watching opportunities as well as inside activities such as art galleries and self-guided food tours.

When it comes to things to do in Tauranga, New Zealand, you'll never run out of options! Thrill-seekers can get their fix skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking and kayaking, while those who prefer a slightly slower pace can soak in the stunning scenery on a hike or go paddle-boarding on the Bay of Plenty. And let's not forget about the food! Tauranga is a bona fide foodie's paradise with plenty of delicious local cuisine to try. From fresh seafood to artisanal treats, there's no shortage of tasty treats to keep those pesky hunger pangs at bay.

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