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Mauritius Holidays 2021


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COVID-19 Travel updates on Mauritius - Book your 2021 Mauritius holiday now! The Mauritian government updates entry restrictions for passengers from South Africa

Now is the right time to book your Mauritius holiday package. Passengers must take a COVID-19 test 7 days before arrival and undergo a 14 day hotel quarantine period before entering Mauritius. South African's will be able to travel to Mauritius from October 2021. Read more about travel regulations on the Travel News section  *This travel update has been updated as of 15 July 2021

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Take your dream holiday to Mauritius. We have a wide range of cheap Mauritius holiday packages for you to explore.
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Not sure which parts of Mauritius to see? We've helped narrow down the favourites with our Mauritius holiday packages.

Here's what you you can expect from a Mauritius Holiday Package:

Mauritius is a famous island paradise getaway that is enticing to all travellers. Enjoy pure holiday bliss at one of the island’s many world-class resorts. The island was first known to sailors exploring the waters of the Indian Ocean as early as the 10th century. 

Swim, snorkel, fish or take part in water sports; experience the idyllic, pristine beaches and warm waters your way. There is no need to go to bed early. Experience the fun energy of the island’s nightlife.

Explore the natural beauty of the island’s precious rainforest and a historic botanical garden. Feel like resting or partying? The island has it all covered.

Are you interested in a Mauritius holiday package? Does a honeymoon or a family holiday trip interest you? Do you know when is the best time of year to travel to Mauritius? Whatever your questions may be, Flight Centre's friendly Travel Experts are here to assist in making this your best holiday trip yet. 

Go on the holiday of your dreams in Mauritius. Contact our Flight Centre Travel Experts today! 

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Mauritius Holiday Package reviews

Meghan receives expert advice on emigrating to Mauritius. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

Meghan had great words to say about Priya, our Flight Centre Travel Expert who advised her on travel protocols. 

“I had the pleasure of speaking with Priya Ramgathi from flight Centre today. My fiancé and I are emigrating to Mauritius and with the borders being shut it has been a nightmare. She was so incredibly helpful and empathetic towards us and she gave me really good advice. Thank you, Priya!”

Gabriel's Mauritius Booking Experience. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

Gabriel expresses how Izaak, our Flight Centre Travel Expert made travel easy again. 

“Fantastic service from Izaak in Tygervalley. He was incredibly helpful in organising my tickets to Mauritius. Always prompt in communication and made a difficult task incredibly easy for me. Will definitely be booking through Flight Centre again. Thank you Izaak.”

Wlan is a happy loyal client. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

Wlan commends the exceptional service he received from Charmain, our Flight Centre Travel Expert who booked his Mauritius holiday package. 

“Charmain Pienaar has so far been exceptional in booking my holiday to Mauritius. Everything is happening seamlessly. I will from here on forward never use another agency. Happy client.”

Claude’s Mauritius Booking Process. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐

Claude is pleased with the quick and helpful responses from Bryce, our Flight Centre Travel Expert who booked his Mauritius holiday package. 

“Bryce assisted us with our holiday plans for Mauritius and was extremely helpful. He provided all the options available with Beachcomber and was extremely quick with his responses. we would definitely use him and Flight centre for any future international trips.”