Top 10 phrases you need to know before your trip to Europe

13 July 2018

There’s nothing like knowing the lingo to get on the locals’ good side. It also makes finding your hostel, catching your bus on time, getting to the bathroom and not overspending easier too! Even if you can’t quite get the pronunciation right, they’ll appreciate the effort and are likely to be a whole lot friendlier. Brush up on your conversational Spanish, French, German and Italian with these must-know phrases for your trip to Europe.

Say Hello!

Spanish: Hola! (oh-lah)

French: Bonjour! (bohn-zhoor)

German: Hallo (ha-loh)

Italian: Buongiorno (bwon-jor-no)

Say Please:

Spanish: Por favor (por-fa-bor)

French: S'il vous plaît (see voo play)

German: Bitte (bit-uh)

Italian: Per favore (per fa-vo-re)

Say Thank You:

Spanish: Gracias (grah-thee-ahs)

French: Merci (mehr-see)

German: Danke schon (dun-kuh shurn)

Italian: Grazie (gra-tzee)

Say Goodbye:

Spanish: Adios (ah-dee-ohs)

French: Au revoir (oh reh-vwar)

German: Auf Wiedersehen (awf-vee-dar-zay-ne)

Italian: Arrivederci (a-ree-ve-der-chee)

Yes and No:

Spanish: Si (see) No (noh)

French: Oui (wee) Non (noh)

German: Ja (yah) Nein (nine)

Italian: Si (see) No (noh)

Do you speak English?

Spanish: Hablas ingles? (hah-blas in-gles)

French: Parlez-vous Anglais? (par-lay-voo ang-lays?)

German: Sprechen sie Englisch? (shpre-chen zee ang-lish)

Italian: Parli inglese? (par-lee in-gle-zeh)

Where is the loo?

Spanish: Dónde están los servicios? (dohn-day ay-stahn lohs sehr-bee-thee-ohs)

French: Pardon, où sont les toilettes? (wee sohn lay twah-leht)

German: Wo ist die toiette? (Woa is dee-toilet)

Italian: Dove sono I gabinetti? (do-ve so-no ee ga-bee-ne-tee)


Spanish: Salud! (sa-lood)

French: Santé! (sahn-tay)

German: Prost! (Pro-st)

Italian: Salute! (sa-loo-te)

Sorry, I don’t understand:

Spanish: Lo siento, no lo entiendo (loh see-ento, noh loh en-tee-en-doh)

French: Désolé je ne comprends pas (deh-so-leh, zhuh neh com-prahnd pah)

German: Es tut mir leid, ich verstehe nicht (es-toot meer lyd, eeg ver-stee-ya nicht)

Italian: Lo siento, no entiendo (loh see-ento, noh en-tee-en-doh)

How much does it cost?

Spanish: Cuánto cuesta? (kwahn-toh kway-stah)

French: Combien est-il (kohn-bee-an es-eel)

German: Wieviel kostet dies? (Vay-vel cos-tet dies)

Italian: Quantè (kwan-te)

Etiquette tips:

Spanish: Always finish your food, it’s rude to leave anything on your plate.

French: Don’t use a person’s first name unless they invite you to.

German: Germans are very punctual – so don’t ever be late to a date!

Italian: Keep conversation light. Avoids topics like politics, taxes, religion or personal family matters.

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