World’s Best Scuba Spots

11 June 2013

Whether you are only recently PADI certified or a seasoned Nitrogen junkie, there are lots of great places to dive right in and get up close with some of the oceans best.  Here at Flight Centre we love an adventure and what better way to spend your holiday than checking out where some of the world’s coolest creatures live.   Here are our picks for the world’s best scuba spots.

First up, is Egypt’s Red Sea. With a string of awe inspiring dive spots located along the Sinai Peninsula, this is every divers dream.  Boasting crystal clear visibility and vibrantly turquoise waters coupled with an expansive reef teaming with brightly coloured fish, it’s no wonder the area attracts thousands of divers each year.  The Blue Hole a large submarine sinkhole just a few kilometre from Dahab and The Canyon which have formed like canyon walls are especially beautiful spots.

Scuba Diving Scuba Diving

With loads of fun things to do, Southern Thailand’s, Andaman coast can also add world renowned dive spot to its resume.   From the stretches of perfect white sand blanketing the ocean floor to vibrant coloured coral and rare marine critters including frequent encounters with Whale Sharks, this is the Disneyland of the ocean.   The archipelago of the Similan Islands just off the coast of PhangNga offer a range of stunning places to get your fins wet for both beginners and advanced divers.  Also, Ko Phi Phi’s Marine National Park is another top spot although more popular than Similan.

From its charming Dutch architecture to crisp white sandy shores, the island of Bonaire is a true Caribbean hidden gem.  Located just north of Venezuela, numerous ship wrecks abound just off shore.  Explore the remains of the cargo ship the Hilma Hooker.Intertwined with pristine corals, and home to seahorses and turtlesthis is an excellent spot for both day and night diving.   Closeby, Bonaire Marine Park also offers incredible locations with lots of exotic sea life.

Although there are thousands of wonderful placesto dive all over the globe, few compare to these in terms of variety of sea life and beauty.  So, no matter what your experience level, why not pick your favourite spot and plan your next scuba adventure!

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