Seychelles for Adventure Seekers: Water Sports and Outdoor Activities


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Published 3 March 2024


Embark on a mesmerising odyssey through Seychelles, a celestial archipelago cradled in the azure embrace of the Indian Ocean. Comprising 115 islands, each a gem in its own right, the Seychelles invites intrepid souls to partake in an extraordinary escapade. This journey, weaving the spirit of adventure with the allure of natural beauty, unfolds like a captivating tapestry where island hopping becomes a poetic dance across the Indian Ocean.

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What type of leisure activities can tourists participate in at the Seychelles?

Seychelles is a treasure trove of leisure activities, promising an experience tailored to every inclination. Adrenaline-seekers can dive into the crystal-clear waters for scuba diving, immersing themselves in an underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life.

For those enticed by the wind, windsurfing and kiteboarding await in tranquil lagoons, their rhythmic dances echoing the island's spirit. Sailing and yachting enthusiasts can explore secluded bays and remote coves, crafting a voyage adorned with the freedom of the open sea.

On land, the Seychelles' offerings are just as enchanting. Hiking trails crisscross the islands, leading intrepid explorers through dense jungles, up granite peaks, and onto pristine beaches. Mahé Island boasts the Morne Seychellois National Park, where hiking trails lead to breathtaking vistas. A city tour unveils the fusion of French wine and delicious foods, especially fresh seafood served in open-air restaurants along Beau Vallon Beach.


Begin your island-hopping odyssey with a visit to Mahe Island, the largest in the archipelago. Traverse the Morne Seychellois National Park, where lush hiking trails unveil panoramic views. Tee off amidst nature reserves at the Seychelles Golf Club, offering a serene escape for golf enthusiasts. Explore the Coconut Plantation House, a national monument on Moyenne Island, where history and natural beauty converge.

Praslin Island, adorned with beautiful beaches like Anse Lazio Beach, beckons travellers to discover the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean through below the surface. Encounter the mesmerising Coco de Mer palm, a botanical marvel on Praslin that adds a touch of mystique to the landscape. Explore the enchanting Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and bask in the beauty of the Seychelles Warbler's song echoing through the lush foliage.

Venture further to La Digue Island, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Large granite boulders set the stage for rock climbing, while Baie Ternay Marine Park invites water sports enthusiasts to explore marine walls and coral reefs. Anse Source d'Argent, with its blue waters and coconut-lined shores, stands as a testament to Seychelles' title as home to some of the world's best beaches.


Which water sports can you experience in Seychelles?

1. Snorkelling:

Seychelles boasts vibrant coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. Grab your snorkel gear and explore the underwater world at popular spots like Anse Source d'Argent and Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Keep an eye out for exotic fish, rays and even sea turtles gliding through the azure waters.

2. Scuba Diving:

For a more immersive experience, scuba diving is a must. Seychelles offers dive sites catering to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced divers. Explore granite formations, underwater caves and encounter diverse marine species, including reef sharks, parrotfish and nudibranchs.

3. Kayaking:

Paddle your way through Seychelles' serene waters on a kayak. Whether you choose to navigate the mangrove forests or venture along the coastline, kayaking provides a unique perspective of the islands. It's a peaceful and eco-friendly way to explore hidden coves and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

4. Windsurfing:

With consistent trade winds, Seychelles is a windsurfer's paradise. Anse Lazio and Anse Royale are popular spots for windsurfing enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the warm waters and reliable breezes make Seychelles an ideal destination for this exhilarating sport.

5. Deep-Sea Fishing:

Seychelles is renowned for its deep-sea fishing opportunities. Charter a boat and head out to the Indian Ocean for a chance to catch big game fish like marlin, tuna and sailfish. The thrill of reeling in a trophy fish against the backdrop of the Seychellois archipelago is an unforgettable experience.

6. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP):

Test your balance and core strength with stand-up paddleboarding. Paddle along the coastline or explore mangrove estuaries while enjoying the stunning scenery. SUP is a fantastic way to connect with nature and get a full-body workout at the same time.

7. Sailing:

Set sail in the turquoise waters surrounding Seychelles. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a novice looking for a leisurely cruise, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gentle sea breeze aboard a sailboat. Explore nearby islands or simply relax and take in the breathtaking views.

Seychelles offers a diverse range of water sports, making it a dream destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Whether you prefer the thrill of diving into the depths of the ocean or the tranquillity of paddling along the shoreline, Seychelles has something to offer for every water enthusiast.


What to do in Seychelles when it rains?

Even when raindrops kiss the islands, Seychelles retains its magic. Take refuge in the vibrant culture by exploring local markets, where the scent of exotic spices mingles with the rhythm of Creole music. Delve into the Seychellois cuisine, savouring the fusion of African, French, and Indian influences. Museums and art galleries beckon, offering glimpses into the archipelago's rich history and creative tapestry. As the rain paints patterns on the windows, indulge in the luxurious spas and wellness retreats, cocooning yourself in tranquillity amidst nature's symphony.

Continue your exploration to Curieuse Island, a marine national park where giant tortoises roam freely. The Baie Ternay Marine Park, with its diverse marine life and coral reefs, has become a haven for underwater enthusiasts. Engage in a sunset cruise around nearby islands, offering a different perspective of the Seychelles' natural beauty.

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Make sure you visit Beau Vallon which has a beautiful long white sandy beach and a promenade with food and souvenir stands - it's undoubtedly the lively area of Mahé.


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What is Seychelles popular for?

Seychelles is a haven for those seeking an unrivalled blend of natural beauty and adventure.

Pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and crystal-clear waters form the backdrop for a paradise that captivates the senses. However, what elevates Seychelles to a realm of its own is the wealth of thrilling water sports and outdoor activities. From scuba diving in vibrant coral gardens to windsurfing across calm lagoons, Seychelles is a playground for adventure enthusiasts. The islands are not just a feast for the eyes but also a sanctuary for unique wildlife, including giant tortoises, rare bird species like the Seychelles Black Parrot and marine turtles.


Outdoor Activities in The Seychelles

In the Seychelles, every sunrise heralds a new chapter of adventure. Engage in the art of windsurfing and kiteboarding, where the consistent trade winds and serene lagoons create a haven for enthusiasts. For those desiring a more leisurely but equally exciting pursuit, deep-sea fishing offers the chance to reel in marlin, sailfish, and tuna in the embrace of the Indian Ocean.

The islands' terrestrial wonders beckon, too, with hiking trails weaving through jungles and granite formations. On La Digue Island, the colossal granite structures provide a canvas for rock climbing and bouldering, offering both challenging and panoramic views. As the day unfolds, soar through the treetops on a zip-lining adventure—a thrilling journey through lush tropical forests, with each glide offering breathtaking views of the Seychelles' natural beauty.

Luxury has become a lifestyle in Seychelles, especially in Lemuria Champions Golf Course, where sprawling golf clubs merge seamlessly with nature reserves. The Seychelles Golf Club, set against the backdrop of nature reserves, invites golf enthusiasts to tee off amidst palm trees and the soothing rhythm of the Indian Ocean. Traverse the Copolia Trail for a mesmerising hike amidst the islands' captivating landscapes.

Savour the culinary delights of Seychelles in the sprawling coconut plantations of Moyenne Island. Engage in a city tour to witness the fusion of French wine and delicious foods, especially fresh seafood served in open-air restaurants along Beau Vallon Beach. Nature reserves and botanical gardens unveil the vibrant Seychelles ecosystem, where native flora and fauna thrive.


Why Seychelles?

The Seychelles Islands takes you on a captivating journey, enticing you to explore beyond the usual tourist spots. Island hopping becomes a gateway to untouched natural beauty, with highlights like Curieuse Island's marine national park featuring giant tortoises and pristine beaches.

Venture further to Therese Island for a mesmerizing spectacle of whale shark encounters. The adventure extends to national parks, with the Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé Island offering hiking trails amidst sprawling beauty, and the Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site preserving Seychelles' natural wonders.

If luxury is on your agenda, indulge in opulent resorts with infinity pools mirroring the Indian Ocean's beauty, and experience unique activities like golf at the Lemuria Champions Golf Course. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Copolia Trail offers exhilarating zip-lining adventures, providing panoramic views of the ocean and lush landscapes, creating memories of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters from a thrilling perspective.

In the Seychelles, every experience is a journey into the heart of paradise. Whether you're relishing the flavours of delicious foods, traversing the best beaches, or encountering the rare Coco de Mer, each moment is an ode to the captivating charm of this Indian Ocean gem.

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