7-Day Bali Itinerary: Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Oooo…the honeymoon! Now, we know that after the crazy wedding planning your honeymoon is exactly what the two of you need to getaway and start your life together. You are looking for the most private and fun destinations to explore with your special someone one. Add a bit of exotic culture to the mix and she is going to be enamoured with you for years to come! 


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Published 14 May 2023


Oooo…the honeymoon! Now, we know that after the crazy wedding planning your honeymoon is exactly what the two of you need to getaway and start your life together. You are looking for the most private and fun destinations to explore with your special someone one. Add a bit of exotic culture to the mix and she is going to be enamoured with you for years to come! 

We've seen that sparkle in your eyes before and we know exactly which place to recommend - Bali, of course! 

Bali is without a doubt the perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners. It has a raw beauty that is almost impossible to describe. 

You can just imagine the welcoming honeymoon beds in a place that has a great climate, lush greenery, spectacular scenery, and world-class beaches - With beautiful accommodation from simple beach huts to fabulous water villas in world-renowned resorts… or for the more adventurous couple, there are jungle retreats and cliff resorts up in the mountains. 

Perhaps you want to slot in a snorkel or scuba dive over any one of the coral reefs that surround the islands. Can you just envision the places close to the beaches? 

It is an easy decision to make the island paradise of Bali your next holiday destination with its cerulean waters, tempting beaches, lush landscapes, and sacred temples. It’s no surprise that Bali is also known as the “Island of the Gods”.

Whether you are looking for a party or a spot to relax, Bali has something for you.

Bali is also particularly renowned for its buzzing nightlife from Seminyak and Kuta. Don’t miss the island’s signature sunsets.

If you are looking to unwind, then try a Balinese spar treatment in a more secluded inland jungle setting of Ubud or head to Pand.

Creating unique and incredible memories with your soulmate, no matter what you as a couple have enjoyed together up to this point, is guaranteed, whatever tickles both of your fancy. There are so many fun things to do! The island boasts impressive volcanoes, interesting nightlife, gorgeous waterfalls, white water rafting and stunning hiking trails. 

Put all these together and you will have an unforgettable honeymoon experience!

We know that it can be a little intimidating to put together an itinerary. That is where we, at Flight Centre, can help you. Don't worry, we have your back!

We have been looking after our clients as they globetrot for many years, and with our head office being in Australia, Bali has been a firm favourite destination - one we know well. 

But… we’re not going to lie - it is a long flight to Bali from South Africa. So, we want you to feel rest assured that your hard-earned honeymoon savings deliver their value. Bali is affordable. Many of our clients opt for longer stays to submerge themselves in the sensuality of the landscapes, food, and cultural experience for this very reason.

Here is your chance to take a real break, have a real holiday and connect with that one truly amazing person in your life. In our experience, from our customer feedback, Bali far exceeded any of their wildest expectations! 

It is, without a doubt, a fantastic honeymoon destination. 

Here is a 7-day itinerary for you to whet your appetite and get those dream-cogs going. Of course, this is just a guideline, and we can tailor your special occasion to make your vision come true.


Day 1-2

Arrive in Bali and transfer to your hotel in Nusa Dua. If time allows, shop the local markets, and explore nearby attractions or relax and refresh at the hotel. Then it’s time to hit the colourful streets of Seminyak! This funky neighbourhood is full of hipster hangouts, eclectic shops, and boho-chic clothing stores. Next head to the beach for some sun, sand, and surf. And finally catch a Kecak dance at Uluwatu and watch an epic sunset at Tanah Lot.

Day 3

Depart on your day-long pre-booked Bali Temples Tour and explore the island’s unique architectural marvels. Explore the lush jungles of Ubud, take in the views of the green step rice fields and go white river rafting.

Day 4-5

Take a day trip to dreamy Nusa Lembongan. Explore the underwater world, lounge on pristine beaches, and enjoy a slice of paradise. And for completely different, visit the art galleries in this quaint town and commission a bespoke painting as a permanent reminder of your Balinese honeymoon stay. The painting will be completed to your requirements within the day!

Day 6-7

Depart for your Nusa Penida Island tour. This picturesque island is home to quite beautiful rock formations, unspoilt beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and a huge array of marine life, especially dolphins, making this a snorkelling paradise. Kintamani is worth a visist, this ancient village is set in a huge 13 km wide volcanic caldera (caldera: a deep, cauldron-like cavity on the summit of a volcano). The fresh mountain air is unbelievable. The top attraction in Kintamani is the impressive Mount Batur volcano but in the area are temples, hot springs and, of course, the ginormous crater lake.

What to do when not following the itinerary

  • Spend some romantic time strolling along the long golden beaches and take in the spectacular rock formations as you watch the sunset.
  • Spend a day visiting Kuta. There are many things to do in Kuta, this Indonesian beach town offers diverse dining, nightlife, sightseeing and fun activities. Known as the place to surf, Kuta is great for beginners especially. If you’re looking for free things to do in Kuta at night, you simply must visit a night market. Night markets are commonplace all over Bali, but one of the best is the Kuta Night Market. As you wander through the market, you’ll find everything from clothing to local antiques for sale.
  • Foodies will also be in heaven as they traverse the night market. The prices are low, and you can eat to your heart’s content.
  • As a special honeymoon treat, why not have a fancy candle-lit dinner on the beach and spend a romantic evening by the sea?  Traditional Balinese cuisine is, in a very descriptive word, "mouth-watering" and is widely available.  
  • Give your taste buds a honeymoon of their own and savour the selection of dishes on offer whenever possible in this foodies' paradise! One of the best ways to really get to know Bali is through your stomach. While there are oodles of amazing places to eat in Bali, joining a cooking class is a fun way to learn a new skill. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy the tastes and smells of Indonesia long after returning home!
  • Take a fast boat to the pristine Gili Islands to enjoy paradise at its very best! The Gili Islands are three islands off the coast of Lombok, east of the island of Bali. The Gilis is comprised of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. “Gili” literally translates to “island”. Famous for their white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and incredible coral reefs, the Gilis are a common stop for many backpackers. Gili Trawangan is the most developed of the three, measuring 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide.  
  • After a full day of visiting temples, clambering around volcanoes, enjoying art and craft markets, hiking through a rainforest, etc. there is nothing better than having a relaxing and rejuvenating couple’s Balinese massage.

Finally, Bali is known to be one of the safest tropical destinations worldwide. There are no significant health risks or tropical diseases, and, as a bonus, it is safe to walk together on the streets after dark.

Bali is your ideal romantic honeymoon getaway!  If you are planning a wedding, you would be well advised to make Bali your honeymoon destination. Talk to one of Flight Centre’s travel consultants right away and book your Bali honeymoon without delay!

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