Budget friendly holiday in Mauritius

Budget friendly holiday in Mauritius

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Published 12 September 2017


Besides white sandy beaches and clear, turquoise water, the first thing that mostly comes to mind when people think of Mauritius is “expensive”. This misconception has prevented so many travellers on a budget from experiencing the wonder and awe of one of the most beautiful places in the world. We’re here to put that notion to bed as we breakdown the best way to enjoy Mauritius on a budget.

Why Mauritius should be on your bucket list

Mauritius is for the do-it-all traveller—someone who enjoys relaxing as much as they enjoy going on an adventure. Whether that’s lounging on the sandy white beaches and taking a dip in the postcard-perfect crystal blue waters, or getting out and enjoying the host of land and water sports in and around the island. There isn’t a desire that can’t be met in Mauritius, and on top of the relaxation and adventures that await is the promise of delectable food inspired by some of the world’s greatest cuisines, from French and Italian influences to Thai, Indian and other Asian flavours, you are sure to satisfy every craving.


Mauritius is sculpted by dozens of cultures, with a large Indian influence. The primary foundation of Mauritian culture lies in music, food and to a lesser-degree, sports. The major musical genre of Mauritius is Sega music, a genre of music usually sung in creole and played with traditional instruments. The food of Mauritius will leave foodies reeling, with local and international influences at play. The national sport is football, but other popular sports include athletics, basketball, volleyball, cycling and more. Mauritius is supported by a multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming, and who are renowned for their hospitality.

Don’t miss…

If you’re travelling to Mauritius with the sole intent of tanning your days away and basking on the beach, you’re already set to save money. But what if you want to partake in the more adventurous activities on offer? Go swimming in the Rochester Falls, and if it’s the rainy season you can even jump from the top. There are also a great deal of water-sports to partake in, and depending on the vendors you rent equipment from, water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding can be relatively cheap and fun to do if you’re travelling as a couple or with friends. At some of the resorts, these activities are included in the fee you pay, so keep your eyes open for great Mauritius holiday deals. If these activities aren’t up your alley, visit Bois-Chéri, the oldest and biggest tea plantation in Mauritius, where you can attend a guided walk through the factory at a small cost. If you’re more excited to see the island and all of its offerings, you can hire a bike or scooter to get from place to place. Visit Black River Gorges National Park, which offers over 50 km of walking trails, or head to Port Louis’ famous Victorian Central Market to experience some of the local hustle and bustle.

What to eat

Eat like a local and enjoy the likes of street food and Mauritian dishes typically inspired by Indian, Chinese, Creole and European flavours. Street food will leave you salivating and wanting for more, with the most popular choices consisting of rotis, dholl puri (Indian pea pancake) and deliciously tempting deep-fried goodies ranging from samoosas, chilli cakes and more. On-the-go restaurants often serve Chinese-inspired dishes in the vein of fried rice, fried noodles, dumplings and brothy soups. It is also becoming fashionable to eat in the malls’ food courts, which are also conveniently cheap and provide a variety of eating options. If that’s not enough, the beach culture in Mauritius will see to it that you can enjoy food from beach shacks and food trucks—most of which serve seafood, grilled chicken, Indian food, burgers and more. Regardless of your budget, you will not find yourself starving in Mauritius.

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