The Best Beaches in Mauritius: An Insider’s Guide

Now that we are free to travel all over the globe again (and we trust that this holds true for the foreseeable future) we can pick and choose our exotic holiday destinations from a long list of wonderful places. Top of the list for South Africans is without a shadow of a doubt, the small island nation of Mauritius.


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Published 23 February 2023


Now that we are free to travel all over the globe again (and we trust that this holds true for the foreseeable future) we can pick and choose our exotic holiday destinations from a long list of wonderful places. Top of the list for South Africans is without a shadow of a doubt, the small island nation of Mauritius.

Now that we are free to travel all over the globe again (and we trust that this holds true for the foreseeable future) we can pick and choose our exotic holiday destinations from a long list of wonderful places. Top of the list for South Africans is without a shadow of a doubt, the small island nation of Mauritius. 

Rightly called “Heaven on Earth” Mauritius is blessed with a warm tropical climate which makes it a juicy and sought-after all-year-round destination. It has the warm, sublime azure smooth Indian Ocean lapping its shores, resulting in spectacular, shallow lagoons encouraging a wide range of water-based activities, stunning coral reefs and it goes without saying beautiful, laid-back beaches all over the place on the fringes of the island.

Most tourist resorts and activities are situated on the West, North and East coasts of Mauritius, though undoubtedly the West coast is by far where the most famous beaches are to be found. The South of the island is a lot more rugged and has a charm all its own and is also well worth visiting. 

As a holidaymaker, the West coast offers you all you could wish for and is considered by insiders as the nicest holidaying part of the island. To put it in a nutshell, all the beaches hosting resorts are great swimming beaches though some do lack (or have fewer) certain mass tourism facilities (like kiosks, pubs, and restaurants). As a simple rule of thumb, think about this. Nobody in their right mind would spend millions constructing a resort in Mauritius that adjoins a lousy beach. So, it is therefore up to you, the discerning tourist, ultimately to decide for yourself where you are going to spread your beach towel and soak up the sun.

Therefore, with some 100 great beaches from which to choose, selecting what could be deemed the “best” of them poses something of a dilemma. That is because people’s tastes vary markedly. A busy beach which has something of an onshore commercial vibe (like kiosks, restaurants, souvenir sellers, etc.) may appeal to some, while a much quieter beach without hordes of “space invaders” (a.k.a. the crowds) is much more appealing to others. 

We at Flight Centre are fully aware of the difficulty that lies before you when it comes to choosing which beach destination will meet your requirements. We, therefore, list below the 10 beaches that seasoned travellers consider to be the top beaches on the island. We will also give you some brief insights on what you can expect when you take your first steps on the delightful sea sand that all these beaches have. 

So here, for your enjoyment and appetite-whetting, follows our "insider's guide to the best/top beaches that Mauritius has to offer”.


Belle Mare is frequented mainly by locals over the weekend, so it is therefore a great place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet weekday beach day.  It’s a strip of largely unspoiled coastline and comparatively quiet

Belle Mare is a great place to relax, and its sandy beaches make it seem like you have found paradise on earth.



Blue Bay does not have quite the tourist infrastructure (e.g., bars, restaurants, etc.) as other Mauritian beaches do.  This beautiful area was declared a natural park in 1997 so if you are in search of some peace, quiet, harmony and tranquillity in an uncontaminated, un-spoilt environment, this is the place to be. 

The beach offers many snorkelling opportunities (regarded as the best on the island) and enjoys this tropical paradise, which has not yet been infiltrated by mass tourist facilities.  Blue Bay, therefore, doesn't have quite as many restaurants and bars as other beaches making it somewhat laid back.



Just off the east coast of Mauritius is the spectacular Deer Island (a.k.a. Île aux Cerfs) whose beautiful beaches nestled among unspoiled natural beauty are an ideal family destination.  Renowned for its sparkling, tranquil lagoon bordered by white, sandy beaches and is well supplied with bars and restaurants it's a great place to spend a sun- and fun-filled day out.

That said the beaches are not as busy and crowded as other more popular beaches so you can enjoy the sea in a relatively peaceful environment. It is also one of Mauritius’ most beautiful places to visit so don’t leave your camera behind – photo opportunities abound! 



Flic en Flac has become the second most popular place for local tourists.  Its unspoiled charm attracts thousands of tourists every year. Adding to the beauty of this spectacular location are its wonderful beaches. If you're looking for ultra-soft sand and crystal-clear waters in a captivating landscape, this is undoubtedly the place to come to. 

Not all that long ago, Flic en Flac was a sleepy fishing village, but over the years it has been developed into a centre for luxury holidays.


Grand Baie is a great destination for the whole family as its facilities cater for all ages and needs and is home to the largest resort in Mauritius. Its white, sandy beach stretches for as far as the eye can see.  Water sports, such as snorkelling (along a lovely coral reef and maybe spotting a shipwreck as a bonus) sailing, water skiing, and swimming is all readily and safely available here.  For shopaholics, head into town and empty your wallet on lovely clothing, exquisite jewellery, and textiles.

This area is also renowned for its incredible nightlife, clubs, and bars so this is definitely the place to let your hair down.



And now for something completely different!  Mauritius beaches are at their most spectacular!  Because the currents are very strong you cannot swim here but that doesn't detract from its rugged beauty in any way. The area is known for its powerful natural elements, like giant waves, jagged landscapes, and angular cliffs.

Though it’s a wild and unforgiving place, its beaches are nevertheless incredible which makes it an ideal picnic destination. Gris Gris is a famous Mauritian destination and is a photographer’s dream. It is visited by thousands of tourists each year.



Le Morne is not as accessible as other beaches in Mauritius.  Compared to the rest of Mauritius’ beaches, this one is uncrowded. Le Morne’s ideal tropical climate is yours to enjoy without being crowded in by too many people. Its ocean currents and strong winds make it a popular destination for kitesurfing and parasailing.

There are only a few restaurants or bars in the vicinity.  Dolphin spotting boat trips depart from here.



Mont Choisy is an incredibly beautiful easy-to-reach area.  Its beach sand is irresistibly soft while the sea is crystal clear and inviting for snorkelers. Its white beaches are shaded by nearby trees and best of all, they are never too jam-packed.

Mont Choisy is ideal for a relaxing holiday in Mauritius.


This is one of Mauritius’ most beautiful and popular coastlines.  Surrounded by unbelievable, sandy beaches, Pereybere is exactly what your mind’s eye might expect to see when visualising this island.  It's easy to get to thanks to its numerous hotels, villas, restaurants and shops. Despite being a relatively small beach, Pereybere has calm, clear waters and has three areas designated for different purposes, the central of which is a cordoned-off swimming area. 

There isn’t much shade, so visitors usually rent a beach umbrella.  On the other hand, Pereybere has excellent facilities, bars and restaurants but since it is one of Mauritius’ most popular areas it can get somewhat crowded at times.  Nevertheless, because it offers such a wide range of activities and attractions it is a great beach for the whole family.



Trou Aux Biches’s fabulous, white beaches and the number of activities on offer are what make the island of Mauritius so famous as a holiday destination. It is a very family-friendly destination well geared up to handle the influx of large numbers of tourists. 

Furthermore, Trou aux Biches is one of Mauritius’ best scuba diving locations. There is great snorkelling on offer while onshore there are many pubs and restaurants from which to choose. 

So, what is holding you back? Get in touch with one of Flight Centre’s friendly travel experts to get a quote and book your Mauritius beach holiday to this island paradise today!

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