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Why should you book your flight to Thailand soon? Thailand is more than just cocktails by the pool. Many travellers do visit Thailand purely to relax, and while this may suffice for a few days, to completely ignore Thailand's culture is to miss out. The country has a fascinating history that dates back 4,000 years. Many of Thailand's ancient traditions have survived time and the country remains very spiritual. As a result, Buddhist shrines such as the famous Erawan Shine in Bangkok, are dotted throughout the country and are well worth visiting.


What are the top attractions to visit in Thailand?
Travellers might suggest that you visit at least Phuket if this is your first time travelling to Thailand, amongst many other fantastic attractions. Thailand is home to treasures like Phi Phi island and Krabi and all other gems like James Bond island. Perhaps instead explore the islands on the East, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tau. These islands are just as beautiful and famous for full moon parties and a very relaxed vibe.
Are you looking to experience Thai culture within an energetic city? Then Bangkok is for you.


For what is Thailand most famous?
Thailand is not called the land of smiles for no reason, which genuinely is the case. They are always friendly and always willing to help. The food is fantastic, different, but excellent, and you will find your best meals and the most delicious tasting fruit at the street vendors. The temples are works of art, and once you have been inside a temple (there are so many), you will understand why the Thai people have such great calm and friendly nature. Massages, in a parlour, on the beach as the sun rises or sets it is incredibly affordable, and you will be relaxed when you return from your holiday.

Thailand: Grand Palace StatueGrand Palace Statue

Thailand's food is another highlight of this region. From Pad Thai to Tom Yam Goong, you won't eat a better dish outside of Thailand. Head to the streets to find some of the most authentic cuisine and while there try your hand at bartering at the markets. Bartering is a way of life in Thailand and if you're good, you might walk away with a great bargain.

Speaking of bargains, Thailand accommodation offers great value for money. Opt for an all inclusive resort and you can experience a luxury holiday for a lot less. Away from the bustling streets of Bangkok and resorts of Phuket, Thailand really is a tropical paradise. Take a Thailand tour on the back of an elephant through vibrant green forests or cruise Phang Nga Bay and explore the picturesque Phi Phi islands.

Thailand: Tuk TukTuk Tuks

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How much would a trip to Thailand cost from South Africa?
Thailand is one of the most affordable holiday destinations for South Africans. Whether you are a solo traveller, honeymoon couple, family or a group of friends, there is a great deal for everyone.
Thailand is for everyone. Solo travellers on Contiki Tours, honeymoons, family holidays or with a group of friends. Prices range from approximately R10000 per person on a budget to R25000 per person in pure luxury.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Thailand?
Thailand is highly affordable throughout the year. However, when it is school holidays in South Africa, you would most certainly find the prices a little higher than out of school holidays due to the demand for seats on the airlines that will push the price up. Remember, the fuller the aircraft, the more expensive it gets. So the earlier you book your trip in advance, the better your price.


What is the best time to go to Thailand?
Thailand is North of the Equator and its seasons are opposite to South Africa's seasons. The rainy season is in the Summer, just like here in South Africa. Thailand's summer season is from June to August, and this is when it will rain the most, and it is scorching and humid. The winter season is from November to January, and this is the best season. Although it is winter, the weather is excellent, and it is not as humid.


What travel advice do you have for visiting Thailand?
You have to be open to the experience of a different culture altogether. It could be a culture shock but indeed a fantastic experience. The price you see is not the price you need to pay, they are a culture that accepts your barter, and if you are excellent, you can get your goods at incredible prices. Most shops have the same goods, and you do not have to accept the 1st offer at the 1st shop, take your time and don't feel pressured to buy. Download a currency converter app on your phone. This way, you can punch in the numbers and see if it’s a good deal. It is easy to be overwhelmed when you want to buy something, and you can’t accurately make sums.


Do you need a visa for Thailand?
You do not need a visa. You get a visa upon arrival, which is a quick and easy process.


Is Thailand a safe country?
Absolutely, it is a safe country to visit. Like any country, there may be petty crime. So do not leave your money or jewelry lying around, which is something you would not do no matter where you go.


How long is the flight from South Africa to Thailand?
The most common routs are through the Middle East, and a flight from Johannesburg to the middle east takes approximately 8 hours with a 2-hour transit and then 6 hours from there to Thailand.


How do you dress in Thailand?
Whatever you want in most cases. Ladies, make sure you have a scarf with you to cover your head and shoulders, and ladies and men should have a sarong to cover their legs when entering a temple or Holy place.


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