A magical Mauritius exploration

1 July 2016

Ah, the gorgeous island of Mauritius. It’s a dream destination with its white, sandy beaches, crystal waters, vibrant coral reefs and the rhythm of Creole culture.

Delve into the beauty of this lush and exotic Indian Ocean paradise with our 8-night Southern & Eastern Explorer, a journey into the untouched beaches of Mauritius set against the mystic temples and opulent resorts you’ll find here. Discover Mauritius with photographers Ofentse ‘Scrooch’ Mwase and Jessica Stafford

East Coast discoveries

Removed from the busier western side of the island, our photographers headed to Solana Beach, an intimate and exclusive getaway. The Mauritian East Coast is mostly untouched by mass tourism, it’s a wild haven to discover, brimming with lush forests and some of the island’s best stretched of beach.

Here, travellers are likely to discover some of the most incredible natural experiences that Mauritius has to offer. It’s a water sport enthusiast’s paradise as Jess discovered. Another exciting part of the trip to Solana was getting involved in cooking demonstrations with the resort’s chef. “I loved the sushi-making course, it was really hands-on, and lots of fun, and it felt like it had been tailored just for us.”



Using Solana Beach as their base for a few nights, Ofentse and Jessica headed out into the surrounding countryside. There’s very little development here and sugar cane farms crawl over the low hills of the island.


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For about R900 a day, you can hire a car to get yourself around, which is exactly what Jessica and Ofentse did. They discovered an incredible Tamil temple near Belle Mare and the soft nature of the locals here. “The people are just so friendly and humble, abd everybody wants to go out of their way to help you,” said Scrooch.



Heading to Mauritius’ wilder eastern side? Here are the top travel tips from Jessica and Scrooch:

• Hire a car to get around. It’s easy to drive in Mauritius because they also drive on the left-hand side of the road. This way you’ll also be able to explore a lot more of the island than if you just stick to the main tourist track.

• Experience a little local culture and get your hands painted with henna. This is available at most spas, and is an insight into the culture and religion of Mauritius.

• Make sure to try out all of the watersports on offer, especially the paragliding! There’s nothing better than an aerial view over the green, thick vegetation!

Glamping it up in Mauritius

The natural wonders of Mauritius are best discovered when completely surrounded by nature, and Jessica and Scrooch discovered this at the Otentic Eco Tent Experience. Buried in the Mauritian flora, along the banks of the Grand Riveire South East, lies an undiscovered area of the island. This luxury camp works hard to leave no environmental impact, and is an incredible special place to visit says Ofentse: “Inside the tents is insane, there’s an awesome bathroom en-suite, and the rustic look really makes it ideal for a retreat.”


For Jessica, the day trip out to visit Ile Aux Cerfs, or Deer Island was one of the most incredible moments of the entire trip. “There’s a small, local market on the island, an obstacle course in the trees, and plenty perfect picnic spots to enjoy lunch and cocktails.”



Staying at Otentic? Here are the top travel tips from Jessica and Scrooch:

• Ile Aux Cerfs is only 30 minutes away by boat, don’t miss it!

• There’s no Wi-Fi in the rooms here, but it’s absolutely perfect for a couple’s retreat and to just unwind

• Definitely try the local rum – especially the coconut, watermelon and pineapple flavours Heading down south On the road down towards Preskil Beach Resort, Jessica and Ofentse stopped in for lunch at local restaurant La Case du Pecheur. The hearty Mauritian dishes on offer here are a serious treat, and the fresh seafood available is reason enough to stop.

The fresh seafood is a big highlight of travelling through Mauritius, and is available in small fishing villages and large hotels alike. Take your time to discover the spicy, vibrant flavours of the Creole style of cooking, and eatig with your hands is perfectly acceptable!



Headed down to the exclusive Preskil Beach Resort, our travellers were excited to discover that it’s the only hotel on a private peninsula on the island. Their favourite activity here was heading out for a day on a speed boat to snorkel the coral reefs and check out a shipwreck just off the coast.



A unique experience near Preskil Beach Resort for our photographers was the discovery of a second Tamil temple in Grand Bassin. Here, amongst the temples massive statues, they received a blessing of health, happiness and positivity. This special blessing was a personal view into the gentle nature of the Tamil religion for Scrooch and Jessica, and an intimate way to end their meeting of Mauritius, a destination that will stick in both of their memories.


Travel tips for Preskil Beach Resort from Jessica and Ofentse:

• There is so much to see here, take your time to explore the area

• Join in a game of volleyball on the beach front, it’s a great way to meet other travellers and locals

• If you have a chance, check yourself in for a treatment at the Ylang Spa

With Flight Centre’s Eastern & Southern Explorer, you get the chance to explore this incredible island on your own terms. Indulge in luxurious accommodation, and explore the exotic surrounds at your own pace.

To find out more about our Eastern & Southern Explorer Journey of Mauritius, or even take a look at our other Mauritius experiences, visit the Mauritius section on our website here.

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