8 travel resolutions - what NOT to do in the New Year

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Published 11 January 2022


Despite changing restrictions and new variants, 2021 was a year of recovery for the travel and tourism sector. Domestic travel continued to boom, and international travel was back on the cards for South Africans once again. Many of us savoured hard-earned holidays or at least made plans to get away in the near future, and along with figuring out how to travel wisely in a post-COVID world, we also learnt much about what not to do.

If you’re keen to approach travel with confidence and renewed hope in the New Year, here’s the Flight Centre team’s eight ‘what not to do’ travel resolutions for 2022.

This year I won’t… travel without insurance

The only thing certain about COVID is the uncertainty that it brings. In short, it pays to be prepared. In current times, investing in travel insurance is an absolute necessity. Plus, it’s actually an entry requirement for visitors to many different countries around the globe.

Just be sure you know exactly what to look out for when choosing a package. For example, the most crucial inclusion is adequate inpatient medical cover (preferably unlimited), thus ensuring you’ll receive the medical attention you need in the unfortunate event that you contract the virus or fall ill during your time away.

Other inclusions to consider include the cost of medical quarantine, the cost of additional COVID tests and coverage for cancellations. Note that cover differs significantly from provider to provider. Regarding the latter inclusion, for instance, some providers will allow you to cancel your trip for any reason within a specified time frame, while others will only cover cancellations deemed out of your control.


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This year I won’t… DIY my travel plans

There’s still a lot of red tape to wade through when planning a trip, especially if you’re travelling internationally. In order to avoid disappointment, misunderstandings and non-compliance, plan your holiday with a Flight Centre Travel Expert. They’ll be able to break down any complicated jargon for you, help you find incredible deals, and advise on how to adequately prepare ahead of your flight.

This year I won’t… put off my holiday

Research has shown that holidays play a crucial role in helping people to de-stress and nurture their mental wellbeing.  Holidays stave off burn-out, promote creativity, and even boost physical health. So, if you’ve avoided travel since the start of the pandemic, 2022 is the time to get moving again. Don’t put your holiday off any longer. After all, as long as you follow the necessary health and safety protocols and choose your destination and travel suppliers wisely, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t benefit from a much-needed break somewhere special.

This year I won’t… neglect to read and understand the Ts&Cs

Not every travel supplier is created equal, and neither are their Ts&Cs! Therefore, don’t assume that there are penalty-free cancellation policies in place. Always, always take the time read through the Ts&Cs before parting with your credit card details, and never hesitate to ask questions if there’s anything that you don’t understand.

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This year I won’t… travel without being fully vaccinated

It’s true that vaccinations can’t prevent you from becoming infected with the virus. However, they can reduce your risk of suffering from severe symptoms, and they can drastically reduce the likelihood of you being hospitalised in the event that you do fall ill. As such, it’s highly recommended to get the jab (or jabs) before you resume travelling, regardless of whether you intend to travel domestically or internationally. Remember, of course, that many international destinations require visitors to be fully vaccinated in order to avoid quarantine.

This year I won’t… travel without checking entry requirements first

You checked your chosen destination’s entry requirements when you made your booking, so you’re good to go, right? Wrong! As we all know by now, a country’s entry requirements and restrictions can change at a moment’s notice, so don’t forget to check again 48 – 24 hours leading up to your departure by chatting to your Travel Expert.

This year I won’t… let my guard down when on holiday

Even if you’re fully vaccinated and even if you’re visiting a location where COVID numbers are low, it’s imperative that you continue to practice the recommended health and safety protocols. Wear your mask in public spaces, wash or sanitise your hands regularly, practice social distancing, and keep person-to-person contact to a minimum. By all means relax and enjoy – just don’t put safeguarding your health on the backburner while you do so!

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This year I won’t… head to the most popular destinations

It’s tempting to go sightseeing in a bustling city centre or to shop until you drop in a sought-after mall set in a popular location. But now’s your chance to venture off the beaten path and explore the world’s many lesser known, ‘hidden’ gems. Along with reducing your risk, you’ll probably save a big chunk of your budget by scoping out these destinations, too.

2022 is just around the corner. Make the most of it! Book your next getaway today or contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert for up-to-the-minute advice, unmissable travel deals, and general assistance when making any booking.


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