Travel Terms Everyone Needs To Know When Planning A Holiday

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Published 18 August 2021


Keen to spread your wings and see the world or simply brush up on your travel lingo? The Flight Centre team has you covered.
Read on for some in-depth explanations of some essential travel terms that every jet-setter needs to know.




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‘PPS’ is an acronym for ‘per person sharing.’ You’ll often come across this term when booking your holiday accommodation. It refers to the amount payable by each person sharing a room. Most guesthouses and hotels have embraced this approach to pricing, while others have opted for a fixed room rate, regardless of how many people are using it (capacity limitations taken into consideration, of course).   

Land only 

If you’re booking a tour package or accommodation, you may come across the term ‘land only.’ This simply means that airfare is not included in the listed price and that you will have to book your own flights separately ahead of your vacation.


Are you planning a road trip to a new destination nearby or in a foreign country? If so, there’s a good chance that you’ll either be driving your own car or hiring a vehicle shortly after your arrival. This is the essence of a self-drive holiday.

If you’ve booked a holiday package and you intend to stick around predominantly in one place, ‘self-drive’ might also appear in the terms and conditions. This means that it will be your responsibility to organise your transport to and from your hotel.

Holiday package 

Planning a holiday can be extremely time-consuming and often works out to be rather expensive if you don’t know where and how to save along the way. This is why countless travellers – both newbie and experienced alike – decide to book holiday packages.

These packages are negotiated between the suppliers and the travel agency so travellers benefit from the value for money savings they offer. Flight Centre Travel Experts can often customise these packages to suit your wants, needs, and budget. Most commonly, holiday packages include flight tickets, accommodation, some or all meals, and, occasionally, activities in the area.  

Half-board vs all-inclusive 


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‘Half-board’ is the alternative to ‘all-inclusive.’ When buying a half-board holiday package or booking a half-board stay at a hotel or guesthouse, you can expect only a portion of your daily meals to be included in the rate – for example, breakfast only, or breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner. ‘All-inclusive’ means that all your meals will be accounted for and, in many instances, selected drinks will be, too, but be sure to check the specific package conditions.

EX Johannesburg / Cape Town / Durban

The ‘EX’ usually appears in front of the name of a city when booking flight tickets. It’s not an acronym but a Latin prefix meaning ‘from’ or ‘out of’. In short, the ‘EX’ will appear in front of the name of the city from which you are travelling. For example, ‘flights ex Johannesburg,’ refers to flights departing from Johannesburg.


Most people have gone camping at some point in their lives or, at the very least, have a decent understanding of the concept. However, not everyone is familiar with ‘glamping’. ‘Glamping’ is a Portmanteau (or a blended word) of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping.’

Essentially, this means that travellers who embark on a ‘glamping’ trip will be spending lots of time in the great outdoors without having to ‘rough it’ in the process. Instead of staying in a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag, they’ll likely be staying in a stylish tented suite and getting their shuteye in ultra-comfortable king-sized beds, often with many other luxuries included in the experience, such as wood-fired hot tubs, open-air showers, and more.


When booking accommodation, you’ll have the option to choose between two types of facilities – those that supply all or most meals those that operate on a self-catering basis. The latter means that some guests’ rooms will be fully equipped with items such as a stove, microwave, refrigerator, cutlery, and crockery to allow the guests to prepare and cook their own meals for the duration of their stay. While perhaps less convenient, in most cases, a self-catering holiday works out to be the more affordable option.


A motorhome is a fantastic luxury for those who enjoy road trips and who want to save money on costs associated with accommodation. A motorhome is a vehicle equipped with daily living essentials, such as a dedicated place to sleep, a kitchenette, and a toilet/bathroom. Motorhomes are generally bigger and more luxurious than campervans, which come with the bare minimum and usually don’t include bathroom/toilet facilities.

Some people opt to purchase their own motorhomes, while others go the rental route instead. The great news is that there is a considerable variation in price and facilities, so it’s possible to find a balance between your budget and your wishlist.

Are you still struggling to get a handle on the industry’s ever-changing lingo while planning your trip? Our Flight Centre Travel Experts are here to help.

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