11 top reasons to love Zanzibar

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Published 27 February 2017



Zanzibar is one of the most magical places on earth! That’s quite a bold statement, but once you’ve been, you’ll wish you never had to leave. The island has a vibrant energy about it with bright, colourful communities, picturesque architecture, and aged buildings. The Dala-dalas putter along the worn streets as food market vendors fill the air with delicious aromas, and the dhows return from a day at sea with their catch. This is why we love Zanzibar!

  1. Hop on a Dala-Dala

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The local form of transport, a Dala-dala is a small truck-type-vehicle that is used to transport locals and visitors around the island. Hop on and off at will, as you explore the island and make use of this opportunity to speak to the locals about what to see and do next!


  1. Fascinating Forests in Zanzibar

The Jozani Forest is a lush tropical forest filled with indigenous wildlife. What would a visit to a tropical island be like without a walk through a forest, with the tall green overhanging branches offering cool shade from the heat of the day? Make sure to keep your eyes open for the main attraction in the forest, the beautiful Red Colobus monkeys!


  1. Captivating History & Culture

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For centuries Zanzibar has been one of Africa’s main trading ports. Over the ages, the island has attracted merchants and sailors from around the globe, some of which stayed behind and made Zanzibar their home. You will find a beautiful diversity of people from varied walks of life here, making for memorable cultural experiences!


  1. Spectacular Spice Tours


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As mentioned in the previous point, merchants have been visiting the island for centuries to trade in all sorts of goods, including spices. Zanzibar is well known for its variety of spices and as such, going on a spice tour is a definite must.


  1. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town

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The capital and heart of the island, Stone Town is also the birthplace of the legendary Queen vocalist, Freddie Mercury. Stone Town makes up a small section of the old city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its history, charm, street markets and more!


  1. Delightful Dhows


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Traditional fishing boats in Zanzibar are called dhows. Powered by the wind and used by the locals for fishing, transport and recreation, they are as much a part of the islands scenery as the spectacular beaches. Book a trip on a dhow and you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Special seafood cuisine

Naturally, as you would expect, Zanzibar has some pretty amazing seafood. With the incredible spices on the island, you know you’ll be getting mouth-watering seafood cuisine at the food markets, small local restaurants and of course at the luxurious hotels.


  1. Fantastic Food Markets of Zanzibar

Experience the essence and soul of Zanzibar with a wander around a night market. With its energetic sounds, delicious smells, and bargains, the night markets are a fun and exciting place to visit. The two most popular ones being Forodhani market at night and Darajani Market during the day.


  1. Romantic Sunsets and sunrises

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If you love watching the sun set or rise over the sea, you can have the best of both in Zanzibar. Due to the size of the island, it’s very easy to travel from east to west or vice-versa, so take a drive and catch the sun.


  1. It’s all about getting wet in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the place to be for water sport enthusiasts. From snorkelling to scuba diving, kite-surfing to sailing, or simply swimming in the crystal clear warm water, Zanzibar has it all! With such amazing beaches, loads of sunshine, and ideal water temperatures, it’s all about getting in the water in Zanzibar!


  1. Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

When most people think about Zanzibar, the first thing they imagine is picture-perfect beaches with fine white sand, clear blue water, casuarinas, and themselves, dozing in a hammock stretched between two palm trees. The island is known for having exquisite beaches, and this is one of the main reasons to book your next holiday to Zanzibar – the beaches can’t be beaten! Do you need more reasons to travel to Zanzibar and make it the holiday of a lifetime? We love Zanzibar and are pretty sure you will too! With ideal beaches, exciting and fun attractions, loads of cultural experiences and scenery that will take your breath away, don’t you think it’s time to speak to your Flight Centre Consultant to find out more about your next holiday in Zanzibar? 

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