Planting for the planet - man smiling pointing to a globe
Planting for the planet - man smiling pointing to a globe
Planting for the planet - man smiling pointing to a globe

We are on a mission to plant 1 million trees over the next 12 x months and we want you to be part of the planet party!

Eight months in and we have purchased over 993,588 trees to be planted.

It’s super easy to get involved, in fact, we will take of all the nitty gritty – all you need to do is purchase your Captain’s Pack in any Flight Centre store and we will automatically plant on your behalf.

Tell me about the project I'm supporting

2,000 year old Food Forest in the Atlas Mountains​ 🌱

High up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is a productive food forest with origins over 2,000 years old. The incredible natural landscape is an example of one of the world's oldest sustainable systems of agriculture.


This transformative project supports a women’s co-op nursery and First Nations Berber community to plant food forest species that remove CO2 and enable sustainable farming livelihoods, protecting the precious ancient ways of life for the native people of the area.

Field of crops
Field of crops
Field of crops

In partnership with High Atlas Foundation

HAF is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by former Peace Corps Volunteers committed to furthering sustainable development. HAF supports Moroccan communities to take action in implementing human development initiatives.

High Atlas Foundation logo
High Atlas Foundation logo
High Atlas Foundation logo


This region of the Atlas mountains in Morocco is comprised of mountains, deep valleys and lakes, creating a rich and varied natural landscape unlike anywhere else in the world.

The ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. Many of the people living in the Atlas Mountains are part of the indigenous Berber tribes from Morocco and Algeria. that the local Indigenous Berber tribes still call home.

Map of Morocco showing the location of a reforestation project
Map of Morocco showing the location of a reforestation project
Map of Morocco showing the location of a reforestation project


Up until relatively recently the 65 acres of food forest was managed by 800 local families to produce an abundance of yield, including banana, tamarind, citrus, fig, guava, pomegranate, mulberry, carob, quince, grapes, olive, argan as well as crops such as wheat, corn, pulses and beans.

However historical deforestation for barley and corn farming along with grazing have left much of this land heavily degraded, with local communities now struggling to create sustainable livelihoods.

Farmers standing by saplings in front of a blue and red truck
Farmers standing by saplings in front of a blue and red truck
Farmers standing by saplings in front of a blue and red truck


This project will plant millions of trees across an area of over 4000 hectares.

It is a unique project that is dedicated to achieving sustainable outcomes for climate and biodiversity while considering social & cultural benefits. These needs are balanced through the specific species that are planted, and the way local communities are engaged and have ownership over the process and outcomes.

Farmers transplanting seedlings into the back of a truck
Farmers transplanting seedlings into the back of a truck
Farmers transplanting seedlings into the back of a truck

Environmental Benefits

In degraded regions like this, a critical first step towards rehabilitation is to plant species that can sustain in these conditions, which ensures the local communities have strong incentive to protect the land.

These initial trees will create the conditions necessary for the original ecology to become viable again.​

This project will plant a combination of food forest species such as:

  • Cherry, walnut, almond and fig
  • Critically endangered Moroccan Cypress

Trees planted are audited & have legal protection for over 30 years.

5 year old Carob tree
5 year old Carob tree
5 year old Carob tree


Integrating and working with the local indigenous Berber tribes of the region are a key focus for this project. The goal is to create new, sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

It will achieve this through direct employment for nursery and planting activities, as well as providing new food forests for local people to harvest from.

Farmers transporting trees using animals
Farmers transporting trees using animals
Farmers transporting trees using animals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does this initiative offset my trip? 

A) This is not a carbon-based initiative and does not offset any element of your trip. 

Q) Who is planting the trees? 

A) Both Flight Centre and Reforest take tree planting very seriously, and only partner with the best on-the-ground. Our partners need to be local themselves, understanding the ecology of the ecosystems and best approaches for restoring them. They know their local landscapes like the back of their hand and have strong relationships with the community. You can learn more about the specific partner for each project here. We’re all about transparency and want you to feel confident that your trees are in good hands. 

Q) When will the trees be planted? 

A) To ensure your trees survive and thrive, they need to be planted in the right place, in the right way, at the right time of year. Based on climate and rainfall, it’s a different time of year in different regions. So, depending on the location of your project, it could be next week or up to 12 months away.  

Q) Will I get notified when my tree is planted? 

A) No, however, you can follow the planting journey by visiting our page here. For more information around your project, subscribe to the Reforest newsletters.

Q) How does the 1mil tree target work? 

A) Between September 2023 and September 2024, we are aiming to buy 1 million trees collectively across all of our Flight Centre + Reforest Planting for the Planet projects. Due to seasonality, not all trees may be planted within the 12x month period but may fall into the following planting season.

Q) How will we know once we have hit 1mil trees?

A) Each month we will update this page with how we are tracking against target.  

Q) Can I visit the trees? 

A) We totally understand the desire to visit your trees – we're tree lovers too! However, some of the projects are on private land or in sensitive locations, so we can’t always guarantee public access. But don’t worry, depending on where you are based, and where the projects are located, you may be able to take part in a community planting day (at your own cost).
To find out more about community planting days that you and your customers can attend, sign up to the Reforest newsletter.

Q) How do I know that my trees are actually planted and protected? 

A) Rest assured, we take the responsibility of planting and protecting the trees very seriously. Our partner, Reforest, has a strict integrity and verification process with each of the planting partners on the ground. This includes regular updates and reports with geo-tagged photos and videos showing the progress of the trees (we like to think of them as the tree's baby pictures, showing how they are growing up!). We're all about transparency and you can see these photos and receive updates on the projects by subscribing to the Reforest newsletter.

Q) What happens if a fire or other event destroys my trees? 

A) Fire is a tough challenge for any reforestation project, but it’s not a reason to give up on planting trees. These projects are run by local experts who take steps to minimize fire risk, such as over-planting and selecting species that are fire and climate resilient. While we can’t guarantee that nothing will ever happen, we work hard to spread the risk across a diverse portfolio of projects and plan ahead of potential risks 

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6. Family Bonus  

Captain’s Packs with this feature receive a Family Bonus - when any adult purchases a Captain’s Plus Pack, all children (Under 12 years at the time of travel) will also each individually receive the benefits of the Captain’s Plus Pack, excluding Planting for the Planet. 


7. Planting for the Planet 

We have partnered with Reforest Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 89 629 970 467) to assist in tree planting projects in Morocco and Australia. Visit for full project details. If you have a Captain’s Pack Essentials we will pay for one tree to be planted in Morocco, if you have a Captain’s Pack Value we will pay for two trees to be planted in Morocco, and if you have a Captain's Pack Plus we will pay for three trees to be planted in Morocco. 

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