Frequent Flyer Explained »

We know travellers, we know how people like to travel, we've read the fine print and will give you an objective rundown of what is available. Most importantly, we will give you an honest assessment of which program matches the way YOU like to travel.

Frequent Flyer Programs »

We've compared our 'baker's dozen' frequent flyer programs and highlighted the main features to give you a good overview about membership status levels, what airlines are linked up, and what credit cards could earn you extra points. 

Alliances and Partnerships »

Frequent flyer programs often have a number of partners, which can be other airlines, hotels, rental car companies and certain retailers. Most partners offer bonus frequent flyer points, allowing you to accumulate points faster.

Frequent Flyer For Business »

A Flight Centre Business Travel manager can steer you through the frequent flyer minefield, using their know-how of programs to help you get some real and worthwhile benefits from your travel spend