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Dubai is a welcome oasis on the Arabian Peninsula to delight eager enthusiasts determined to live it up – UAE style. And our cheap flights to Dubai make the attractions of this Middle Eastern metropolis eminently accessible. With many international fashion labels, this shopper's paradise opens boutique outlets in the city's malls. Shopping is such a focus of Dubai that the city even holds an annual shopping festival with special events to keep visitors entertained.

In 2010 Dubai made headlines when it opened the tallest building on earth, the Burj Khalifa, at the cost of US$1.5 billion. The structure rises 828 metres, and visitors can take the lift to the observation deck on Level 124. With the tower's construction came a redevelopment of the downtown Dubai area creating numerous entertainment options for locals and travellers alike. An ice rink, aquarium, Sega republic and Kidzania are just some of the attractions to keep families amused.

There is loads to do in Dubai, from dune bashing to yellow boat rides, to the Yaz Waterparks. There is something for everyone and all ages. The Burj Khalifa, The Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Creek, Souks of Deira, and Jumeirah Beach are the top sights and attractions in Dubai.Dubai: PromenadeThe Promenade

A significant city landmark is the newly-opened Dubai Fountain, a spectacular dancing fountain. Also consider exploring the marina, the palm islands and the beautiful beaches along the coast. For remnants of traditional Dubai check out the Jumeirah Mosque and the architecture throughout the Bastakiya District.

Dubai: Arabian PalaceArabian Palace


How long is the flight from South Africa to Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

A direct flight from SA to Dubai is 8.5 hours.


Which day of the week is cheapest to fly to Dubai?

Thursdays may be the cheapest day to fly; however, this depends on the availability.


Which month is the cheapest to fly to Dubai?

Usually, the cheapest time to visit Dubai is in the middle of their summer season (June - July) as the temperatures are a scorching 38 degrees celsius and up. Another good time to go to save money is during Ramadan but be wary as some of the tourist attractions will be closed during this time. 


What time of day is cheapest to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest time to fly to Dubai is all dependant on availability. Nevertheless, the midday usually has more availability as most people prefer an overnight flight.


Which airlines fly direct to Dubai?

The only airline that flies direct is Emirates.


When are the flights to Dubai from Johannesburg?

Emirates departs twice daily to Dubai. The first flight departs at 12:25 and the second and 18:50.


When are the flights to Dubai from Cape Town?

Emirates departs Cape Town once a day at 18:25.


When are the flights to Dubai from Durban?

Emirates fly from Durban to Dubai once a day at 15:05.


How long is the flight from South Africa to Dubai?

A direct flight from Johannesburg to Dubai is 8 hours 5 minutes, from Durban it is 8 hours 20 mins. It is always better to fly direct if you can afford it. You could consider alternative options, which are relatively 12 hours 30 minutes or longer, that can take you from Johannesburg via another city if you are on a tight budget.


What should I know regarding COVID-19 pandemic and flights to Dubai?

The COVID-19-related requirements and procedures are subject to change. Please enquire with us to get the latest information before your flight to Dubai. Currently, no person that has been in South Africa in the last ten days is allowed to enter Dubai, which is set up until the 28th of January 2021 but can change at any time. Once the borders reopen to us once more, you will be required to present a negative Covid PCR test no older than 72 hours from departure.


Is Dubai expensive?

Compared to other major cities like New York, London or Paris, Dubai is not that expensive but is also not as cost-effective as Thailand. One significant advantage of Dubai is you can stay in a 3 star in Dubai and not be disappointed.


What language do they speak in Dubai?



What is the weather like in Dubai?

Dubai is a desert country so hot. It can be very humid especially in their summer months along the coastline.


What currency do they use in Dubai?

It is the UAE Dirham (AED).


Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Yes, for South African passport holders.


How much would a trip to Dubai cost from South Africa?

A trip to Dubai can be tailored for every budget. Whether in a 5 star, 4 star or 3-star hotel, we can certainly ensure you have a memorable trip in Dubai. For a 5 star package from Johannesburg for a couple which includes business class flights direct, return airport transfers*, hotel stay for 5 nights, city tour, dunes safari tour, Abu Dhabi day tour, you are looking at approximately R53750.00 per person sharing. *Complimentary with the airline for Business and First class. For a 3 star package, you are looking at approximately R16300.00 per person, including your 5 nights hotel stay, airport transfers, city tour of Dubai, city tour of Abu Dhabi and Dunes safari tour.


How much does it cost to stay in Dubai for a week?

Being very conservative in your spending you can get away with spending money of around R7000.00 for 2. You should travel to this city well prepared because if you are on a tight budget, you can expect to spend approximately R2000.00 per day to make a week in Dubai cost approximately R14000.00 per person. If you are average or a mid-range spender, then budget around R5000.00 per person per day in Dubai, roughly R40000.00 per week per person.


What is the best time to go to Dubai?

Dubai has a hot desert climate where summer is sweltering, which is usually between March and November.  At that time, temperatures can get to as high as 49 degrees.  Winters are cool with average temperatures of 24 degrees, and this is December through to February. So, it depends on what you are looking for, whether a hot holiday or a bearable one, but one could suggest their cooler (winter) months as well.  So, consider November to April if you want to enjoy your holiday and the weather.  What is brilliant at this time is you can maximise and extend the holiday by booking a 7 nights Persian Gulf cruise and see nearby countries and cities.


For what is Dubai most famous?

Dubai was known as a place where you can find oil, but it is known as the Middle East's shopping capital over the years. The city alone has more than 70 shopping centres. It is also known for the gold souks, to mention a few. Every year in January, there is a Dubai Shopping Festival to last a month. The city is also famous for its skyscrapers and architecture.


Is Dubai a safe visit?

Dubai has one of the world’s lowest crime rates and not long ago it was rated and ranked 7th safest city in the world.  It is very safe to even walk at night, in saying that you still need to be cautious and look after yourself.


What do I need to bring to Dubai?

Your passport is the first thing you need and your visa.  If you are bringing cigarettes, you are allowed only 400.  500g of tobacco and 50 cigars are also the limits.  If you are taking a gift for a friend or relative, the value may not exceed AED3000.00.  As for alcohol, you can take up to 4 litres or 48 cans of beer not exceeding 355ml each.  For those who don’t carry things over, the airport sells cigarettes and alcohol, gifts all duty-free.


How do you dress in Dubai?

Women in Dubai wear the “Abaya”, the long black robe, whilst the men wear the “Kandurah”, the long white robe.  You are welcome to dress in your regular clothes as a tourist, but please respect their places of worship and cover your arms, legs etc, when visiting.


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