It’s time to book your flight to Harare on your way to discover the many gems of Zimbabwe and to explore the thriving capital city of Zimbabwe. 

Harare is a colourful city in more ways than one. The city is home to many vibrant cultures amongst the friendly locals. Browse vividly-coloured goods and local cuisine on sale as you walk through the city’s many markets in Mbare. Also, the purple hues of flowering Jacaranda trees illuminate the ‘sunshine’ city’s streets and parks between September and October each year, much like in parts of South Africa.

Harare is home to many historical treasures in the National Archives, Queen Victoria National Library and the Queen Victoria Museum. View old documents from the past that share meaningful stories about Zimbabwe’s rich history, famous explorers and other fascinating artefacts from the past.

Are you an art lover? There’s a creative side to Harare too. View exceptional local artwork, fascinating Shona stone carvings and exhibitions from around the world at the National Gallery. 

Are you fond of nature? Harare is not only blessed with Jacaranda trees. The National Botanical Garden is a highlight for travellers too. Spend a peaceful afternoon admiring several hundred plant species in this magical garden. Don’t stop there. Few cities offer so much natural beauty. Enjoy excellent game viewing in the Mukuvisi Woodlands.

Before you leave Harare, be sure to take in a grand view of Harare from the top of the Kopje hill. Perhaps now is the time to book your flight, whether it be the start or the destination of your next adventure.

How long is a flight from Johannesburg to Harare?

The flight from Johannesburg to Harare is typically 1 hour and 40 minutes long. 

When are the flights to Harare from Johannesburg?

There are usually at least five flights a day from Johannesburg to Harare.

What airline would I book for flights from Johannesburg to Harare?

The airlines that usually have flights to Harare include South African Airways, Airlink, Air Zimbabwe, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Ethiopian Airways and Fastjet. We recommend finalising your flights with our Travel Experts or on our website because flight schedules and flight prices often change.

Which is Harare's main airport?

Harare’s main airport is the R G Mugabe International Airport.

What’s the time difference between Harare, Zimbabwe and South Africa?

There is no time difference because both countries are situated in the same time zone.

What should I know regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and flights to Harare?

COVID-19 travel regulations vary from country to country, like COVID-19 tests and quarantines, which can also change regularly. So, we suggest that you contact us or read the latest travel restriction updates here

Do I need a visa for Harare?

A tourist visa is not required for South African travellers for visits for up to 90 days in Harare.

How do I check the status of my flight to Harare?

Many travellers find it convenient to check in online, which most airlines offer. You can also check in on the day of your flight at the relevant airline’s flight check-in counter at the airport.

What’s the weather like in Harare?

Zimbabwe lies north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Consequently, enjoy tropical to subtropical weather on the savannah. The average temperature in summer (November to March) is around 29-32° Celsius and 13-24° Celsius in winter (April to October). So, Harare has a subtropical highland climate.

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