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Imagine walking through city streets that date back not hundreds, but thousands of years. With a recorded history spanning 3000 years ago, history is still very much a part of modern day Athens. As one of the world's oldest cities, Athens is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an ancient city. It is famously referred to as the birthplace of democracy and the western civilization. In anticipation of the Olympics in 2004, Athens undertook a modern makeover with renovations helping to easily connect the city.

Athens: Odeon of Erodes AtticusOdeon of Erodes Atticus

Since the Olympics, urban renewal has continued to make its mark on Athens. Tree-lined walkways now link the city's significant ancient sites, allowing for vibrant modern life to intertwine with historic scenery. As you can imagine, the sleek museums here are a goldmine of amazing exhibits. Even the most nonchalant historians will find the Acropolis and its accompanying museum to be an inspiring experience. The white-washed churches scattered throughout the city are also a highlight of Athens, with many of them providing spectacular views.

But there's much more to Athens than its past. The city's enduring passion for life is evident in its pulsating nightlife and eateries. The districts of Gazi and Psirri are the epitome of modern Athens. Modern taverns hum with chatter at all hours of the day and night while the area's vibrant nightlife pulsates from dusk til dawn. Much like the rest of Greece, food and celebrations are very much a part of Athen's DNA. Festivals see the city come alive, nightlife doesn't reach its peak until early in the morning and the city's love of olives, oil and souvlaki will ensure you never experience a hungry moment on your holiday.

Athens: Monastiraki SquareMonastiraki Square

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