Mother’s Day spoils: Treats for a travel-loving mom

10 May 2020

Does your mom dream of far-flung corners of the globe and have a suitcase packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice?

If nothing brings your mom greater joy than travelling, or dreaming of travelling, here are a few ideas on how you can spoil your locked down, travel-loving mom at home this Mother’s Day. 

Bring her favourite destinations home

A Midlands spa break

A spa break in the Midlands makes for an idyllic mountain escape. Soak up the fresh mountain air and enjoy being pampered with nothing more serious to contemplate than the colour of your nails. 

The Fordoun Hotel and Spa is a spa weekend favourite. The Spa offers a diverse range of treatments and facilities including a flotation pool, Turkish sauna, reiki and traditional African healing specialists, as well as all the usual spa treatments. Gift mom a voucher now to enjoy here later. 

Recreate the experience at home: Set up a spa station at home. Heat some fresh towels, light a few candles and put on relaxing meditation music before treating mom to an at-home mani or pedi. 

Wine-hopping in the Winelands

If your mom loves nothing better than a good glass of vino come happy hour, the Cape Winelands surely must be her idea of paradise.

A weekend in Franschhoek or Stellenbosch offers up wining and dining, art galleries and quaint shops or merely lounging fireside in the colder months. The Franschhoek Wine Tram is a fun way to enjoy a day of wine tasting at several estates safely. 

Recreate the experience at home: Set up a wine tasting for mom. You can even make it a virtual wine tasting if you’re not together – or if she’d like to enjoy it with her girlfriends. Stock up on cheese and charcuterie and enjoy the experience. Of course, wine stocks are a prerequisite, so crossing fingers!

Make her favourite travel-inspired dishes

Nothing whisks one back to a particular destination faster than the tastes and smells of its local dishes. 

If her heart is craving the tastes of Thailand, whip up a Pad Thai or green curry at home. Thai ingredients are found in most supermarkets, and there are many fabulous recipes available online or in your favourite cookbook.

Don’t forget the drinks! Add a little condensed milk to her morning coffee for a sip of Vietnam. Open a bottle of your favourite bubbly to whisk her back to the Cape Winelands. Or shake up a tropical cocktail and dream of your favourite beach bar at home. 

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Organise those memories

Help mom organise her travel memories so firstly, they’ll never get wiped out by a dodgy memory card and secondly, they will always be accessible for some armchair travel.

Google Photos and iCloud are popular places to back up photos online. If mom has a stash of printed photos running riot in a few boxes, enjoy some bonding time together to organise them neatly in albums or make a scrapbook. If you have a printer at home, print some of your favourites to frame and decorate your home. 

Escape into a new book

If mom loves reading, treat her to a new digital book. Even better, do some research on her favourite travel destination and find a book that is located there. She’ll be able to enjoy some armchair travel until she can experience later in person. 

Take a virtual cultural tour

Round up a list of all the virtual tours and sightseeing on offer in her destination of choice. Compile them into an email and send them to mom to enjoy at her leisure. 

Or, if she has always wanted to learn Italian or isiZulu, buy her an online course for Mother’s Day. So, by the time she can travel to said destination, she can greet the locals with confidence! 

Get fit

Treat fitness loving moms to some fabulous at-home workouts this Mother’s Day. If she is dreaming of a yoga escape in India or a meditation session in Bali, learn the moves at home together now. A group workout class is fun for the whole family!