Best Stop-over Destinations

20 July 2022

Part of a trip is the journey to your destination, right? So why not make an adventure out of your layovers and consider stopping over and adding an entirely new country to your holiday? There are many different destinations around the world that are considered to be the perfect place to stop over and enjoy a bit of extra time exploring a new country. Many of these places are connected to the world through some of the largest and most prominent airlines, ensuring some of the best prices and routes for your trip.

The following is a list of some of the best stop-over destinations to think about including, the next time you take to the skies!



For those planning on travelling around Asia – particularly Bali -  one of the best and easiest stop-over destinations to include is the beautiful city of Singapore. Upon arrival, you will be able to enjoy the tons of activities and sites that are located within Changi Airport!

Changi Airport is the most awarded airport in the world thanks to the variety of things that you can do and see within the confines of the airport itself! From a rain vortex, excellent local cuisine and a new terminal called ‘The Jewel’ which boasts the world's largest indoor waterfall!

Along with having tons of different things to do within the airport, those who are transiting through Singapore will also have the chance to explore the city itself as the airport arranges some transit tours that are specifically designed to allow for transiting passengers to be able to experience parts of the city. These tours leave from the international terminal of the airport and make their way through some of the major sites in the city, from the business district to some of the most beautiful historical sites that the city has to offer.

Singapore is a beautiful city to enjoy a stopover on your way to your final destination and Singapore Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world, with tons of routes to a wide variety of locations. Make your holiday even more memorable with a stop in the beautiful and diverse city of Singapore!

Hong Kong

With no visa needed for South African travellers, Hong Kong is a great layover destination for those tourists who are venturing anywhere in and around Asia! What you decide to do when in Hong Kong may depend on the length of your layover, but those who have planned for a proper stopover in the city will have lots to do and see! From some of the biggest shopping malls in Asia to historical sites that portray hundreds of years of history, Hong Kong is a spectacular destination to include in your travels! Hong Kong is particularly popular for a short visit to and from Bali.

Those who may be spending the night in Hong Kong and are wanting to explore the dazzling and exotic nightlife scene should be sure to hit up Temple Street Night Market, where you will be able to enjoy the best of the local cuisine, shop around for a couple of souvenirs and gain a better understanding of what life is like in this vibrant city! For those who are spending their layover in Hong Kong with the kids, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort should be right up there! You can spend your few hours in the city going on rides, exploring the food culture and having an absolute blast with the family. If you want to win parent of the year and gain your children's undying appreciation, for a few weeks at least, this is the option we recommend for you!



Dubai is a city that has grown exponentially in the last few years, with many different attractions, tours and hotels that make it one of the must-see travel destinations in the world! Another great thing about Dubai is that it is linked to just about every major city in the world, making it a great place to stop over and enjoy while on your way to your final destination! When travelling to Dubai, you will more than likely be flying on Emirates, a global airline that is well-known for being one of the very best! Dubai is a great place to stop-over enroute to not only Europe but the USA as well.

When it comes to the various activities to enjoy, you really are spoilt for choice! If you are looking for an easy way to see all of the highlights and ensure that you get back to the airport in time for your next flight, some tours can be arranged from and to the airport. These tours will take you to see the most popular tourist attractions in and around the city. If you are not on a tight time deadline, we would definitely recommend spending the night at one of the Dubai hotels, enjoying the nightlife or even taking a scenic drive into the desert if you are feeling up for an adventure!


As the capital city of Qatar and home to the famous Qatar Airlines, Doha is another city that would make a perfect stopover destination! One of the amazing things about Qatar Airlines is that they fly to tons of destinations around the world, and as it is located in the middle east, it is very central for us travellers from South Africa. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, some of the best activities include having fun in the sun and enjoying the beaches around the city. If you are not looking to spend your stopover on the beach and around looking for an activity of the shopping variety, you are in luck, as Doha is home to some of the most amazing shopping districts that have a wide variety of local and international stores for you to browse through.



Turkish Airlines has many great deals that allow you to pass through the beautiful city of Istanbul. With just an online visa application needed to secure your rights to enter the country, it is a great stopover destination for South Africans. Istanbul is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world, with hundreds of years of historical sights to explore for yourself, unique cuisine and an adventure around just about every corner. Whether you are planning on spending just a few hours exploring or would like to take a day or two to make sure you get to all the sites, Istanbul has many different things to do and see!

One thing that is great to include for any type of traveller is an adventure to the famous and iconic Grand Bazaar. With hundreds of different shops to explore to find that perfect memento to take back home, whether you are a solo adventurer or looking for something to keep the kids enthralled, this would be the ideal addition to your trip! Another famous spot to try and include is the Blue Mosque, which holds a significant amount of history within its walls considering it was finished in 1616.

A stopover in a different city can be an exciting way to extend your vacation and enjoy the sights of a new and exotic city! With many different airlines passing through the fantastic destinations above, travellers from South Africa are spoilt for choice, no matter where your final destination is!