Battle Of The Beaches - Local Vs International

12 July 2022

One of the best activities to enjoy when on vacation is to put your cossie on, get out your lounger and head down to the beach to enjoy a blissful day of fun in the sun! Whether you are looking for something local or are getting on a flight and travelling to the other side of the world, knowing the best spots to visit is always a must!

At Flight Centre know how a trip to the beach can be a great way for travellers to spend their holiday, which is why we have come up with a list of our top local and international beaches to explore!

What the best local beaches?

As South Africans, we often forget what a beautiful country we live in and how lucky we are to have some of the greatest sites in the world right on our doorstep! From the expansive Drakensburg mountains to the great Kalahari desert, a trip around South Africa could take you through just about every type of environment and to some of the most impressive sights in the world. While the mountains and the dessert are beautiful in their own way, one of the most magnificent and well-known spots for both local and international tourists to explore has to be our beautiful beaches.

Here is a look at some of the best beaches to visit in South Africa:

Clifton Beach

We would not be able to write about South Africa's best beaches and not include the glorious stretch of coast that is Clifton. Nestled in the heart of the Cape and amongst some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Clifton has tons to offer those who venture down to its waters. Four different beaches make up Clifton, each separated by rock formations that can be easily passed through. If you are planning on spending most of the day laying out under the sun, some umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented, so be sure to bring some money along! There are also ice cream vendors who walk the beaches, offering treats for you to enjoy!


A two-hour drive from Cape Town up the West Coast will offer you a spectacular opportunity to explore many different beaches in the West Coast National Park, one of which is the beautiful Kraalbaai. This park has an extraordinary amount of fauna and flora to see and is home to Kraalbaai Beach, which has sandy white beaches, and crystal clear and warm water which makes it a great place to spend the day! If you are after some fun activities to enjoy apart from lounging along the beach, you can head to Langebaan and rent kayaks and SUP boards to use on the calm waters around Kraalbaai. There are no facilities or shops in the area, so be sure to pack all that you would need to enjoy a day spent on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cape!

Robberg Beach

This four-kilometre-long stretch of paradise is rated to be one of the top beaches to visit along the garden route. Whether you are hoping to go for a walk or are looking to get your beach kit together for a full day of lazing around on the sand, Robberg Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy. This blue flag beach boasts spectacular scenery, and warm water for those summer days and in winter you may even be lucky enough to spot a pod of whales! Robberg Beach is situated in the heart of Plettenberg Bay, one of the most popular tourist destinations for local and international tourists alike. If you happen to be in the area, be sure to plan to spend a day exploring this unique beach.

Thonga Beach

If you happen to be visiting the amazing province of KwaZulu-Natal, we recommend that you head to the beautiful Thonga Beach. The glistening blue waters of the Indian ocean are just as inviting as the beautiful natural surroundings, and if you happen to visit at the right time of the year, you may even get to see turtles hatch from their eggs along the beach. Along with spectacular sightseeing and relaxation opportunities, if you are looking for a spot to snorkel and scuba dive, Thonga Beach offers some of the best opportunities to enjoy these activities.

What are the best international beaches?

While we know that we all love a trip to a local beach, nothing is more exciting than hopping on a flight and travelling to a new part of the world! With so many different locations and places to explore, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed in choosing the best spot to enjoy a beachside vacation. To narrow down that list, we have prepared some of our favourite international beaches to visit.

Marathonisi, Zakynthos, Greece

Ever wanted to have an entire island to yourself? Well, here is your chance! The small island of Marathonisi sits off the coast of Zakynthos and offers a beautiful beach and warm clear water for you to submerge yourself in. While the beauty of this tiny island is no doubt amazing, what this beach is most well-known for are the loggerhead turtles that hatch on it.

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island, Fiji

If you are after one of the most places to visit in the world, Fiji should definitely be included in your list of tropical destinations! One of the most popular spots to visit is Seagrass Bay on Laucala Island and a trip to this region will definitely not leave you disappointed. The beach is surrounded by an amazing jungle on one side and on the other, you are met with glistening water and a sandy white beach. Along with submerging yourself in the stunning ocean water and relaxing on the beach, the jungle is home to rare birds and plant life which can be enjoyed on a guided tour of the region. If a tropical paradise is what you are after, Seagrass Bay should be at the top of your must-visit destinations.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is always going to be a favourite when it comes to beaches! One of the most popular stretches of coat that this island is known for is Jimbaran Beach. Located in a quaint town that is well-known for the resorts on offer, this is a beloved destination for many who venture to this region! From the beautiful cliffs located just a stone's throw away from the beach to the deep blue and warm water of the sea, it is not hard to see why many choose this as one of the top beaches to visit.

Whether you plan to stay local and enjoy any one of the magnificent beaches that South Africa has to offer or are looking for an exotic retreat to a country you have never visited, at Flight Centre, we have the best destinations at the lowest prices, guaranteed!