Adventures in Amsterdam

16 October 2017

Amsterdam is rich in history and culture, and offers plenty for tourists to do. An amazing nightlife and a large selection of daily activities will make sure you’re never bored. Travellers who are keen to experience Amsterdam in a more adventurous way however, will be happy to know Amsterdam’s adventures could give its more historical and cultural tours a run for their money. The best part? Most of these adventurous activities combine touristic thrills with unforgettable experiences.

Explore one of the best breweries

You don’t have to like beer to appreciate a tour around Heineken's first, original Amsterdam brewery in the city centre. Although it has been closed since 1988 due to low demand, the building has been a popular tourist attraction since 1991. The tour is self-guided and ends off with some refreshing Heinekens and the opportunity to learn how to draught the perfect Heineken.

Strap on your skates

Amsterdam’s famous Friday Night Skate sees skaters group together and take on a 20 km city adventure. Not only do you get to explore the city, but special themed nights (such as during Halloween) make for great photo opportunities. If you can’t attend one of the Friday Night Skate events, rent a pair of inline skates in Vondelpark and explore the city in your own term. If the street isn’t really your scene, give ice skating a shot. When it’s cold enough, Amsterdam’s canals freeze over and offer an unmissable ice skating experience. If you’re not there when the weather is cold enough, try our Jaap Eden Ice Rink between October and March, while from mid-November to early February you can give ICE*Amsterdam a chance.

Take on the forest for some fun

It’s all in the name. Fun Forest is the perfect way to explore Amsterdam’s forests in a fun but unconventional way. One of the best nature spots in Amsterdam, you can choose from rope courses and ziplining, and to top it all off, in the summer Fun Forest also offers stand-up paddleboarding on the nearby lake.

Make the most of the wind and the water

With so many beaches around Amsterdam, watersports are popular. Amsterdam’s winds make for some of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing experiences in Europe. If the beach isn’t really the place for you, or you’d prefer something a little less-extreme, there’s the option of kayaking in the canals. Discover Amsterdam’s canals on your own terms as you kayak through the canals, or enjoy nature-rich kayaking at Amsterdam Bos, which offers tree-covered waterways and a large pond to explore.

Embrace the cliché
Considering that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, bike riding has become a bit of a cliché, which is exactly why you should do it. Travelling to Amsterdam without renting a bike at some point would be like visiting Dublin and not going to the Guinness Factory, you would live to regret it. Cycle tours can be arranged, or you can explore the city yourself on your bike. You can also enjoy a tandem ride along the River Amstel at fifteen Euros for three hours or twenty-five Euros for a day. Whether it’s the city’s cobbled streets, the picturesque cycling paths, 40 km through the famous flower strip or historic harbour towns, seeing Amsterdam by bike is one of the best ways to experience the capital of the Netherlands.

These are just a handful of the adventurous ways to experience Amsterdam. Get in touch with one of our travel experts today and you'll be one step closer to planning the Amsterdam trip of your dreams. Here is a tour deal to Amsterdam to get you started.