Since the Swinging Sixties, Big Things began popping up at the highway's edge all over the country. Now something of a cultural institution, these novelty attractions provide perfect photo opportunities from state to state, allowing travellers to document their journey with a quirky touch.

The Big Banana

One of the first and among the best Big Things, the Big Banana is more than just a wonky yellow sculpture: it's a feat of engineering. Travellers along the Pacific Motorway through Coffs Harbour NSW pop in for more than just a potassium fix these days, with the Banana Slip Water Park doing a roaring trade.

The Big Lobster

South Australia's Big Lobster may not be the prettiest of the Big Things, but it's arguably one of the tastiest. At a whopping four tonnes, Kingston's gargantuan crustacean is hard to miss and, if the sight of the red monstrosity gets your belly rumbling, you can enjoy a seafood platter at the adjoining cafe.

The Big Bench

A lesser known addition to the Big Things family, the Big Bench at Broken Hill is one of the most endearing. It may only be two and half times bigger than your average park bench, but the oversized seat in outback New South Wales can comfortably fit eight or nine bottoms.

The Big Pineapple

Nambour's juicy Big Thing is one of the most famous and frequented in the Sunshine State. The Big Pineapple has been rejuvenated over recent years, now notably the site of the Fine Foods, Growers & Art Markets every Saturday.

The Big Crocodile

Normanton, home of the Big Crocodile, doesn't see many tourists pass through, but if you're enjoying an outback adventure in western Queensland, stop by and see the reportedly to-scale statue of the largest saltwater crocodile ever shot – a terrifying 8.94 metres!