It's the age-old question every Australian has an opinion on, whether they are Sydneysiders, Melbournians or even Northern Territorians: who does it better, Sydney or Melbourne? It can be a hard call when choosing between Australia's two leading capitals; even the country's decision makers had to introduce Canberra to settle the rivalry. Rather than flip a coin to determine your destination, take your holiday by the horns and make an informed decision!

Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney's iconic structures, namely the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, are firmly cemented in the minds of travellers worldwide. The oldest and largest city in the country, Sydney has a lot to brag about, especially when it comes to the social season. Arguably, no other Australian city compares to Sydney when it lights up the night on New Year's Eve or showers the streets in glitter come Mardi Gras. Sydney's sun-kissed beaches are the star of summer, from legendary surf spot Bondi to family-friendly Manly. If you'd rather shop than surf, hit up the historic Queen Victoria Building in the CBD, swing by The Rocks or stroll the boutique-lined streets of Paddington or eclectic Newtown. Did we mention the superb weather? Your move, Melbourne.

Melbourne, Victoria

Smell that? It's freshly brewed coffee and flaky pastries swirling through Degraves Street. Hear that? It's the bohemian buskers boasting their creativity down street-art adorned laneways. Melbourne matches Sydney's five star restaurants with gastro pubs and quirky cafes; the latest productions straight from Broadway to Sydney are rivalled by independent, alternative and breakthrough artists jamming around the city on any given night. Melbourne is like Sydney's younger, hipper sibling serving endless amounts of food, art, festivals and culture, culture, culture! Who are we kidding, Melbourne and Sydney are both amazing. Maybe flipping a coin is the best option after all!