Take a stroll into any urban area in Asia and chances are you'll stumble upon a revelatory dining experience. Japan is home to more three-star Michelin restaurants than any other country in the world, however its near-neighbours are rapidly catching up in the culinary stakes. Hong Kong is at the forefront of a food revolution, while Thailand continues to delight food connoisseurs the world over with its delicious spice-infused cuisine.

Japan as a culinary capital

The four islands of Japan are many things to many people and for food lovers, this ancient nation is a veritable dining paradise. Japan boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other country in the world, with Tokyo accounting for most of the three-star cuisine options. The Kansai region is also home to countless fine-dining establishments, with ancient capital Kyoto, nearby Nara and the urban megalopolis of Osaka and Kobe all boasting Michelin-star establishments. Even snowy Hokkaido is home to several upscale eateries, with Sapporo counting three starred restaurants among its many dining options.

Hong Kong's hole-in-the-wall highlights

Hong Kong's famous dumpling houses may be a dime-a-dozen, but what sets this densely-packed city apart in the culinary chain is the sheer quality of its dim sum restaurants. 'Tim Ho Wan' caused a revelation when it became the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, and while long lines soon became the norm at this speciality dim sum establishment, there are plenty of other unforgettable restaurants scattered throughout Hong Kong. Several of these are three-star quality, making Hong Kong a popular destination for gastronomers the world over.

Tantalise your tastebunds in Thailand

Thailand has been a favourite Asian destination for decades and given its world-renowned cuisine, it's not hard to understand why visitors keep coming back for more. Thai food is celebrated for its freshness and while many of the country's four main regional cuisines may borrow heavily from their closest neighbours, what they all share in common is a fondness for flavour and a sampling of spices. High-quality Thai fare is available everywhere in this food-loving nation, from the bustling back streets of Bangkok to the smallest of Andaman Sea islands.