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When you were very little you believed that if you closed your eyes tight and maybe click your heels together and wish very hard, the chances were that your wish would come true. Well, without you having to close your eyes or click your heels, we at Flight Centre can go some way towards helping make your wishes come true by giving you the chance to win amazing travel experiences.


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Published 24 March 2023


When you were very little you believed that if you closed your eyes tight and maybe click your heels together and wish very hard, the chances were that your wish would come true. Well, without you having to close your eyes or click your heels, we at Flight Centre can go some way towards helping make your wishes come true by giving you the chance to win amazing travel experiences.

At the beginning of the year we ran what was traditionally our Christmas wishlist competition now as Travel Dream List. We gave 10 people an opportunity to win 1 of 10 Flight Centre travel vouchers.

All you had to do is to nominate either yourself or a friend/loved one and tell us all about a dream list item and why you think you or they deserve to win Flight Centre Travel Vouchers worth a combined value of R110 000!

The prizes on offer is what dreams are made of:

  • 2 vouchers to the value of R5 000 each
  • 5 vouchers to the value of R10 000 each
  • 2 vouchers to the value of R15 000 each
  • And a grand prize of a R20 000 travel voucher!

We received over 4000 entries with the most incredible nominations. But there could only be 10 winners. Congratulations to our 10 lucky wish makers, we are looking forward to hearing all about your travel experiences when you return.


Here are our winning entries in no particular order, and their stories that they shared with us:


1. Zelda Van Der Merwe

I nominated myself & Hubby. We will be celebrating our 15 years wedding anniversary on the 30 oct this year. We would love to go to Maldives or the Seychelles and make amazing memories. 15 years is a special one and would not ask for a better partner to do it with. I feel we deserve it all and looking forward to the next 15 years. It will be a blessing.


2. Bobby Van Strijp

I am nominating myself because in 2018 I gave up my career in the city and moved back home to support my mother who suffered a terrible back operation failure and for the past four years I have spent majority of my spare time assisting her and studying two degrees simultaneously to put myself in a position to better our family's circumstances. If I win, I will treat myself and my mother to a well-deserved vacation to not only lift her spirits but also celebrate the completion of my degrees.


3. Caroline Clark  

I have typed and deleted and then retyped this message so many times...not knowing if I would be deserving of winning. I think doubt often creeps in... but here we go again. I would love to nominate myself. The reason being is that I haven’t spent time with my BBF in so many years as she lives in Dubai for the past 14 years. It’s hard to save the necessary funds when I need to go to the dentist  needing to replace the tyres on my car or getting sick...yes it's been a worldwide on a year. I desperately need some quality time enjoying a girls night and how amazing would it be to do this in Dubai of all places. I need to destress explore new places and to clear my mind and just have fun.

I read somewhere that “Life is short. Don't make it shorter by avoiding vacations”.


4. Toufeeq Leeman            

I think I've proved to every single youngster I come across and speak to. That I'm living proof that one can make even their wildest childhood dreams come true with hard work and dedication. My dream is to win & travel to Pretoria in July to watch the Bokke! I posted a picture of when I was 10 years old and a picture when I'm kicking a ball inside a stadium. Everything's possible. I am visiting my girlfriend in a small town called Calvinia. I have videos of myself playing rugby with kids that has nothing. Spending time with them watching them fall in love with rugby just like I did when I was their age. Winning the main prize would mean a lot. With R20 000 I could take the love of my life somewhere special. The entire 2023 she will be away from me doing her final year training as a physio. This would really be amazing to win! This is why I'm in Calvinia to visit her. But instead I found myself head over heels playing rugby with 10 year old and having the best time of my life.


5. Shana Viljoen   

I am nominating myself and my amazing Mom.  Mom has been through an acrimonious divorce which took years to finalise, and she was completely let down by our legal system. She is our family’s beacon of strength and I want to take her on a vacation to spoil her rotten.  Despite her own challenges Mom still supports others in need and continues to provide employment to her helper.  This year Mom turns 70 and this would be an amazing opportunity to celebrate her!


6. Mmabatho Mashaba    

Reason for nominating my sister - Ondina Mashaba: is as a token of appreciation for taking care of me and my younger sister for the past 10 years since our mother passed. I understand that she didn’t enjoy most of her youth days, because she was taking care of us and never wanted us to feel the gap of not having someone to run to in our times of need. I owe her the world for never giving up on us and playing the mother role from a young age, until today.


7. Pearl Mashabane          

My mom recently lost two sons, her mom, and her sister in a space of 1 year. She is a pensioner and can't afford a holiday. She has been SOOO strong helping everyone one of us deal with the grief she forgets herself. She needs a holiday if anyone deserves it’s her. She doesn't let pain deter her and she is always working hard around the house, and you'd never tell if she is feeling sad or lonely always gentle kind and warm. I nominate Thoko Zodwa Mashabane my mother.


8. Caro Sankar      

I am nominating my mother - Patricia Werner. For her whole life she has been giving back to her family and to her community without asking anything in return. She grew up in poverty and worked day and night to put her 5 siblings and herself through secondary and tertiary education. She also taught at impoverished schools for most part of her life and also at a home for abused women and children. Because she was a single mother to my brother and I she never spent any money on herself because she wanted to ensure that we get the best education and training that she could possibly afford. For this reason, I believe that she has worked really hard for over 5 decades and deserves to be spoilt and go on a great holiday.


9. Phillip Chetty   

I would like to nominate myself and my wife. In 2010 we decided to start a new life in Johannesburg with nothing but a bag of clothes. After securing a job in a call centre we managed to get married and later have 2 kids aged 5 and 10. We have worked extremely hard to support our family here and in Durban. Things haven't been easy, but we kept going to make sure everyone was okay and taken care off. My wife is a supermom and I wish I could take away to a special place to show her how amazing she has been. Winning this will allow us to rekindle our love/marriage and have some time for just us and the kids.


Lasty, our winner of the biggest piece of the prize pot for R 20 000!!


10. Busisiwe Andrews         

I am nominating my wife cause last year was tough. We struggled to conceive for years and finally in February we found out that we pregnant but didn't have medical aid so we had to take our savings we had to travel to pay for medical bills and appointments. She then had contractions 2 weeks before baby was due which worried her so we went to hospital and she was in labour for over 12 hours and even went to 8cm in dilation but unfortunately the baby wasn't passing through and they told us we need to undergo an emergency c-section. She wasn't happy with it but agreed because we wanted both her and our daughter to be safe. Fast forward to a week after birth she fell into a mild depression, and she was in a bad space and now our daughter is almost 3 months and my wife is smiling and laughing again. Currently our finances are going towards paying off our bills and debts, but I feel she needs a holiday to enjoy herself and know that she is amazing.


You never know, this could be YOU winning an amazing prize with Flight Centre. 

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