Why You Should Book An Adventure Tour For Your Next Trip

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Published 22 July 2013


Dream of getting away from the 9 to 5 and going on an adventure?  Maybe you've always wanted to see the Amazon jungle, stand beside Egypt’s Pyramids or walk China’s Great Wall.  If you love exploring new and exciting places while making new friends, an adventure tour is the perfect way to travel.

One of the reasons we love adventure touring is that it encourages travellers to step outside their comfort zone and off the beaten path.  These tours have been carefully planned by expert travellers to provide travellers with unbelievably authentic experiences.  Immerse yourself in local life, from unusual customs to crazy transportation; an adventure tour will draw you into some of the world’s most interesting cultures.

In addition to exposing us to rich and interesting cultures, we love adventure tours because they do it all at incredible value.  Adventure tour companies have built longstanding relationships with local hotels, restaurants and other tour companies all over the globe, allowing you to get a personalized experience at the best possible price.  In life it is often said ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’.  In the world of adventure tours, this saying has never held truer.

Last but not least, the final reason we love adventure tours is the people! Have you ever been on holiday somewhere when a giant tour bus has stopped and 70 people have all loaded off?  We have too and that’s why we love the small groups on an adventure tour.  Get to know your fellow travellers, share experiences and swap stories.  By the end of the journey you’ll have a whole bunch of new friends from all over the world!  Best of all, you’ll also get plenty of time to cruise off on your own or with some friends and explore according to your own tastes.

So the next time you dream of getting away from it all, stop dreaming and do it all with an adventure tour.

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