Our Top 5 Travel Tips That You Need To Know Right Now

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Published 2 February 2021


Are you daydreaming about far-flung holidays or being reunited with family and friends abroad? There’s no doubt that international travel remains a little complicated right now.

It's tricky for you to plan trips on your own, but with our team of Flight Centre Experts, you're in good hands. We work around the clock to stay informed of the latest travel regulations and offer you expert advice to make those travel dreams a reality.

Here are our top five tips for travel right now:

Keep up to date with the regulations


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Destinations’ regulations and entry requirements are subject to change at short notice as governments act swiftly to prevent the spread of variants of the coronavirus, so you need to remain informed. Many countries have travel bans in place, resulting in airlines suspending routes from South Africa. In many cases, airlines are operating on new, reduced schedules because of regulatory requirements.

Browse destination travel information here. Be sure to contact a Flight Centre travel expert for the most up to date information.


Consult a reputable travel agency


The only certainty right now is that everything is uncertain. There’s never been a better time to consult a Flight Centre Expert.

We have access to the latest information plus dedicated support lines that operate 24/7 should you need assistance. This offers you the peace of mind that you can call a professional to speak to at any point of your trip.

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Expect the unexpected, and keep it flexible!


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Manage your expectations and expenses by booking a flexible ticket. Spending a little extra upfront on a flexible ticket buys you the comfort of knowing you have options available should you need to change your itinerary.  

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Travel with insurance


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While travel insurance is often purchased begrudgingly, it's never been more critical for your peace of mind. Depending on the cover you choose, travel insurance can cover you from the moment you depart until you touch down back at home. Speak to your Flight Centre Expert and get the right cover for your specific needs. 

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The early bird catches the worm! 


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You may have that bucket list destination in mind; that trip you've been daydreaming about forever. This is an excellent time to plan and take advantage of the exceptional deals on offer.

Many travel suppliers are offering fantastic incentives to encourage travel and make up for the considerable downtime they experienced in 2020. There’s never been a better time to explore South Africa or book an international trip now for later.

You can save on flights, accommodation and travel packages for 2021 and beyond. And until then, you can look forward to sipping something sweet on a sun splashed beach!

We’re here to support you and to get you travelling with confidence, ease and enjoyment again. We look forward to celebrating the freedom of the open skies with you very soon. 

Contact a Flight Centre travel expert for expert advice and exceptional travel deals. 

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