Sense Of Connection: The Ultimate Baecation Awaits You

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Published 25 January 2022


The most fun interactions are happening online these days! People are meeting, couples are forming and some are indulging in really deep conversations. There definitely is a sense of connection.

Love is in the air, as plans are being made.

It is not only the younger crowd jetpacking and Instagramming around the world. Renewed love and new love affects us all with their magical charm.

Perhaps it is the intrigue, the mystery, the exploration and discovery of someone special that corresponds nicely with the appeal of travel. Every aspect is exciting and fun.

There is something wonderful about having someone you like come on an adventure with you, right?

Perhaps you are looking for a quick, affordable local getaway to a part of South Africa you wouldn't normally go to - picking loads of strawberries together (so kissable) and chasing each other around the mazes.

Or it could be a splurge on a relaxing exotic island. Every moment, breathtakingly beautiful.

We know that these things are an investigation and an investment. To break the ice, we have listed some places with Flight Centre flight deals. Here is a taste of some lovely activities that will give you the best experience for your money and get you thinking about great times as a couple.

Wherever you are ultimately headed, we are certain that it will be fantastic…

But be careful! The travel bug might bite!


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George is off the beaten track for anyone looking for a fun-filled deeper love connection. Given that it is the gateway to some of the most picturesque forests, mountains and beaches in South Africa, it is, however, one of the best-kept secrets of local travel.

With such a diversity of landscapes, you could just as easily find yourself having a holiday in a cosy wooden cabin in dense vegetation, as you could be taking in expansive vistas of the wild ocean crashing on white sands.

The area is dotted with interesting finds and little markets and if you have children joining you on your trip, there is plenty to keep them busy while you spend time as a couple.

The Redberry strawberry farm is one such place. Not only can you pick buckets of your own strawberries or take a ride on the little express train, but you can also solve puzzles while navigating a huge (30 000 trees) hedge maze.

Pack a picnic and head to Victoria bay on a good day. This cove is quaint and delightful, and a lovely stop to sit, listen to the ocean and watch surfers kit up and spoil you with their courageous wave manoeuvres as the sunsets.

Bounded by three nature reserves, the Herold Wine farm is a romantic place to take a slow meal and drink hand-crafted wines.

The Robertson Brewing company is a micro-brewery also worth a visit.

Why not grab a couple of extras and take them on a road trip along either the Outeniqua or Montagu (gravel) Pass? There are plenty of views and photo opportunities and perfectly isolated and beautiful spots to plant a passionate kiss on your lover's lips.

The garden route is aptly named. It is wild, majestic and beautiful. Any nature-loving couple looking for peace and quiet with a touch of fun and adventure should consider a few days away here. You will be bound to book another break soon after, so you can explore the area better and reconnect with some of the lovely people you will have met along the way.


Two women sharing an ice-cream


A great suntan is one of the best ways to feel sexy and happy. Durban is synonymous with having sunshine nearly every day of the year, warm waters to splash in and stretches of soft white sands.

In fact, many of the beachfront hotels offer exquisite views of the Indian ocean.

Imagine, for a moment, standing on the balcony in the warm breeze, hugging your special someone as you listen to the waves in the background.

One evening, you might want to glam up and head to the Oyster Box Hotel. This 5-star hotel is right on the beach and has its own lighthouse, but it is the entire ambience of elegance that surrounds the multiple intimate bars and restaurants that makes for an incredible dining experience that you will always think back on.

In a similar vein, you may want to treat each other to an intimate Italian dinner at the Roma Revolving Restaurant. Watching the sweeping views of Durban's city lights from above at this elegant and upscale nightspot is spectacular.

You don't need much experience to go on a horse ride on Reunion Beach and a sunset ride is another wonderfully romantic way to finish the day.

By the end of your stay, the sea air and the perfect dose of vitamin D will have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Of course, you will also be sporting a sexy tan in the bedroom for many weeks to come.

Cape Town:

Residents in Cape Town know the moonlight hike along Lion's Head well. That is because it is an easy walk with impressive views of the city lights and the ocean from the flat rock on top, and many families and couples regularly join in as a means to spend time with their loved ones. Add a small bottle of champagne into your backpack and you are good to go.

You will soon notice that Capetonians are keen on picnicking and a bottle of local internationally-awarded wine is a must-have accompaniment. That is why you should organise a blanket, deck chairs or towel and your preferred snacks and book an evening under the stars at the Galileo Open-Air Cinema.

The combination of starlight, entertainment and wine will have your eyes sparkling with delight.

At Chart Farm in Wynberg, you can select your own bunch of roses from the 6 000 rose bushes growing on this pretty farm-style property. The farmstall is well-stocked with many artisan delicacies. Purchase a small bottle of interesting preserve and add it to your lover's toast in the morning for that extra special touch.

With the multitude of activities in and around the peninsula, you are bound to be somewhere interesting at mealtimes. Why not eat your takeaways at a beach? There are so many beaches in Cape Town. Although, in most places the water is quite cold to swim in, small groups of people head to the beach to exercise, sit and chat or take a long walk as the skies change into the deepest reds and oranges at sunset. If you talk to locals, they can point you to little secret and quiet romantic beaches that are also to be found everywhere.

Cape Town is a couples playground. You can do anything from Hot Air Ballooning, Harley Davidson Cruising, Catamaran cruising, visiting museums or aquariums to chilling at fusion-style restaurants, live music shows or having a couple's massage. You are spoiled for choice and it is almost a given that a Cape Town holiday will be one for the books.

Well, that covers some South African travel, and we hope that we have to whet your appetite.But to end this piece, we are going to talk about one of the most exclusive destinations in our portfolio.

And that is, of course, the mystical lover's island of Seychelles:



The travel in Seychelles will always remain secretive. And that adds to the whole magical feel of this exotic island. Enjoy the sparkling white beaches, the coves, the boulders - and of course there are lots of suntans, sunsets and salty air. But it is the very lucky few who can write a first-hand account of a holiday in Seychelles. Whispers are that the prices are kept high and accommodations are extremely exclusive. It is not only the rich that holiday in Seychelles, though. Our experience has it that this kind of holiday is best suited to those who manage their money well, as well. There are people, like yourself, who are saving to take their life-changing person to one of the best places on the planet.

Luckily there are affordable ways to feel comfortable with this style of living.

Fashion, perhaps, is the simplest way to present elegance and make for timeless photographs.

So in your suitcase be sure to pack the following: A summer dress or two, with a good cut. This is essential. As is a medium-priced simple evening dress, a heeled silver sandal, nice good quality flops, a closed black heel and a well-fitting bikini. These will cover ladies for the photoshoot of a lifetime. Keep in mind that the middle and upper crust tend to take fewer photographs, because nobody wants to lug extra equipment around or be on social media all the time.

Ultimately you may want to be spending more time on the beach or in each other's arms and getting to know one another and doing fun adult things.With these tips alone, your time away on an exotic island is so much closer to coming true.

So, if you think that Seychelles is on your vision board, then another thing that we would highly suggest is contacting a Travel Agent (up to two years!) before your actual holiday. They will be able to put you in touch with someone who has spent time on the island. It certainly is a good way to tailor your holiday over time as you build a relationship with a contact person at the agency. This is inevitable as you exchange paperwork. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss your ideal break. This way, they will find you the best fit and motivate you every step of the way to make your dream come true and travelling while having great communications with an agent is priceless, honestly.

Choosing your time together:

Certainly, there are a great many different styles of couple-ing these days. And holidays like these are once-in-a-lifetime adventures. So each booking and each destination is unique.

Whether you are travelling locally or planning an international rendezvous we are getting keen to see the fire light up in your eyes as we help you plan your next beacation.


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