Travelling With The Family: Top Kid-Friendly Destinations

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Published 22 March 2018


When kids are involved, travelling takes on a whole new meaning. What used to be an inconveniently long flight becomes 15 hours of worrying about whether fellow passengers can actually kill you with their stares. The fancy restaurant that before was nothing more than a dent in your budget is now a total no go – because not only do toddlers not appreciate filet mignon, the restaurant also doesn’t appreciate the presence of your kids. Not to worry though, there are plenty of destinations that not only welcome kids with open arms, but actively encourage that you bring them along everywhere. If you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday where your kids won’t be shunned, start daydreaming about one of these destinations.

1. Mauritius

If its relaxation and beautiful surrounds that you’re after, Mauritius is a great bet for South African families. The flight is only around four hours, so you aren’t stuck in true long haul territory (always a big bonus if you’re flying with little ones!) and there’s enough to keep everyone occupied. If you choose one of the many all-inclusive resorts in Mauritius, most of the kid-friendly ones include a kids’ club of some sort. This is a convenient option for when you feel like some child-free time. The guides will happily look after the little ones, engage them in age-appropriate activites and make sure they have a whale of a time. In fact, you might find that they don’t want to spend the holiday with Mom and Dad anymore! It’s the perfect excuse for you to indulge in a little snooze, brush up your waterskiing skills, or sip on a cocktail on the beach without feeling an ounce of guilt. As a final bonus, those who don’t want children around will book an adults-only resort, so you can rest assured that your fellow guests are fine with your children racing around too!

2. Spain

The Spanish can’t walk down a street without cooing at babies and youngsters, so they are more than welcoming to tourists who bring their children along to explore their amazing country. The whole Spanish llifestyle revolves around family, so virtually everywhere is fair game for families with children. There’s plenty of safe coastline, kids are welcome in retaurants, museums, parks, theatres, shops..everywhere really. There’s even public playgrounds in abundance. On top of being a super choice for the children, Spain has loads to offer adults too. Munch on churros while you walk the streets of Madrid, visit some museums to find out about the country’s tumultuous past, marvel at the architecture of Barcelona or relax in paradise on one of the golden, sandy beaches.

Caption: Spain’s favourite food, churros

3. Bali

Not only is Bali affordable for South Africans, it’s also a great place for kids. While you can explore the jaw-dropping jungle scenery of Ubud and appreciate the culture and history of the place as you explore temples, kids can be entertained by the local wildlife (monkey parks, dolphin-watching and butterfly encounters anyone?), swimming in quiet seas, boat rides, water parks and loads more. A lot of the hotels on offer have pools and water slides for kids as well as dining options for the younger members of the family, and they’ll get to experience a totally different type of culture without pushing them too far out of their comfort zone. Image:

4. Canada

Canada is jam-packed with kid-friendly things to do and see, and you’ll find Canadians to be some of the kindest and most welcoming people you’ve ever met. Start off in the bustling city of Toronto with a ticket up to the tallest skyscraper in the city, or make a trip to Montreal for a little taste of France. Visit the Biodome, or visit the famous ice hotel. Once you’ve tired of the cities, there are endless options to experience the great outdoors in a safe environment. Check out Niagara Falls, go camping in British Columbia, or paddle and hike around the many lakes and valleys. There’s fishing, snowboarding, canoeing and pretty much every outdoor activity you could dream of in Canada, as well as museums and fun, interactive educational displays and visits to be found. Image:

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