Sun City holidays: Our experts answer your popular holiday questions

A view of the Palace of the Lost City hotel at Sun City, which can be visited with a cheap holiday from Flight Centre.

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Published 10 May 2020


Sun City is one of South Africa’s top holiday destinations, where a truly unique African adventure meets world-class family entertainment. There is so much to do, and when you are there, there is so much more to discover. Sun City will delight children and adults, whether visitors are looking for an adventure or a spot to relax. It`s the perfect little getaway. We had a chat with Stephanie, one of our travel experts, who answered all you need to know about this top holiday spot.

Why should you book a Sun City holiday package with Flight Centre?

“Our packages include breakfast, and our rates are much better. We also offer all of the hotels.”

How much would a holiday to Sun City cost?

“That would depend on the time and hotel, midweek or weekend? In which of the 4 Hotels? Cabanas, Soho, Cascades or the Palace?”

How much does it cost to stay in Sun City for a week?

“Monday to Thursday is considered midweek. So, depending on the hotel, you could be looking at around R5,000 to R6,000 with breakfast included.”

What is there to do at the Sun City resort?

“Wow, there is something for everybody. The Valley of the Waves being the most popular, there are also the Roman pools for couples (adults only) near the Palace.

“Each hotel has a pool that you can relax at no matter where in Sun City you are staying. The Cabana has a little lake where they do sundown cruises; it also has a child daycare facility called Camp Kwena.

“The Soho has the Casino and a club/bar that is opened to all residents. There is a little theatre there where they do live stand up comedy on certain nights.

“The Cascades has a heated pool with a little slide and outside jacuzzi. The Palace offers tours. Also, there is something called the High Tea, which is around R400 per person where you can dine at the Palace.

“There are daily Safaris to the Pilansberg Nature reserve. A games arcade at the welcome centre is great for the kids, together with movies and all sorts of restaurants, there is a Maze that seems so thrilling, as well as a crocodile farm as you enter Sun City itself, to name but a few. There is also a famous 18 hole Golf Course on offer.”

What should I wear to Sun City?

“Cool, Comfortable clothes and comfy are best, as it gets sweltering in summer. So, hats and sunblock is a must. There is no real dress code, but summer wear is the best option.”

What is the best time to go to Sun City?

“The Valley of the Waves is closed for its annual maintenance in May. Sun City gets rather cold towards the evening in the winter months. The best time is between September to April. November, December and January are scorching hot months.”

A view of Sun City.

What are the top attractions to visit in Sun City and the surrounding area?

“The Valley of the Waves for the kids is a must, so is the Crocodile Park, for the younger adults. The Shebeen, a bar that is the local “drinking hole” is a fun spot for adults to enjoy. The Pilansberg Nature reserve is close by, which is a fantastic attraction to visit. Predator World is an attraction, especially for nature lovers, which lets visitors view the feeding of their large predators, such as lions, on a Sunday.”

For what is Sun City most famous?

“There are a few things, It's water park, the Palace and it's casinos. When you make your way to the water park, the Valley of the Waves, you need to cross a bridge, and every hour, there is a feature where the bridge vibrates from the sound of a lion roaring. The Gary Player Golf Course is also famous, which hosts the Nedbank Challenge every year.”

What is there to do at the Valley of the Waves?

“Enjoy the artificial yet thrilling and relaxing beach. There is a river that flows around that families enjoy on a tube, there is a mini canopy tour that runs through the valley, live entertainment on most days, and a bar that brews different types of beer.”

How far is Sun City from OR Tambo International airport and Johannesburg, respectively?

"It is roughly around 2 hours of travel from Johannesburg."

How much money do I need per day in Sun City?

“For a family of 4, I would say around R1000 per day, that covers food and entertainment.”

What honeymoon holiday packages do you recommend in Sun City?

“Sun City has a beautiful spa on the property. So, if the clients would like a romantic experience, I would suggest they take a suite at the Cascades. It has a beautiful view of the Palace and the mountains.

“A romantic dinner in the suite can be arranged together with their butler services. The suite has a jacuzzi in one of the rooms as well. We could also add a safari for the couple for a day time activity.”

A view of a top attraction at Sun City.

How much is a flight to Sun City?

“Direct flights to Sun City are usually through private charters. However, there are shuttle services from the Lanseria international airport or O.R Tambo international airport.”

What is there to do in Sun City in December for the holidays?

“There are many activities in Sun City, from the water park to safaris and hiking trails. There is always live entertainment around, and the vibe is amazing.”

How many days are enough for a holiday at Sun City?

“I would suggest 4 to 5 days are more than sufficient for a stay at Sun City.”

Is the Palace of the Lost City hotel all-inclusive?

“Unfortunately, it is not an all-inclusive hotel, but it does offer guests a world-class, five-star experience.”

How much are the entrance fees at Sun City and the Valley of the Waves, respectively?

“Depending on the season between R140 to R160 per person, if you are a resident, it is free.”

What holiday activities can I do in Sun City?

“A safari and hot air ballooning near Sun City. In Sun City, there is golfing and a lot of relaxing activities to enjoy.”

Is Sun City safe?

“Yes, there are security guards and lifeguards at every poolside. There are also doctors on call on the actual property.”

What activities can I do in Sun City on a one day visit?

“The Valley of the Waves is a whole day activity. You can also ride the Sky train and do the tour of the Palace. The Superbowl also hosts a variety of international shows, like international musicians, when booked.”

So, there are loads of potential reasons why you would want to book a Sun City holiday package. Contact our travel experts today to make your next vacation a dream holiday that you’ll never forget.

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