Special Occasions And Milestones To Celebrate With A Holiday

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Published 14 June 2021


Special occasions to celebrate with a trip

One of the many side effects of a pandemic, apart from not being able to travel? Surely it’s missing the chance to celebrate those special milestone occasions with your nearest and dearest.  

No doubt you’ve had to postpone celebrating a big birthday, an anniversary or even a significant life milestone with family and friends due to the restrictions on gatherings and overseas travel.

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But, we’re able to explore South Africa and even take a few jaunts overseas to some countries (hello Zanzibar and the Maldives!), there’s never been a better year to make up for lost special moments from last year or to finally tick off that big holiday you’ve been dreaming of for years. If you can’t currently travel to your bucketlist destination don’t despair. Savvy travellers are booking now for later, snapping up the early booking specials to plan their trip for later in the year or next year when they’ll be able to travel.

The Flight Centre team rounded up some of the special occasions you may have missed that should definitely be celebrated with a special trip – the first in our “Special Occasion Travel” series!

Romantic travel


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For the couples that got married last year or those that had to downscale or postpone their big day, making up for it by planning a special honeymoon is a wonderful way to find the silver lining on that cloud.

Here are some special romantic occasions worth celebrating with the gift of travel:

  • Honeymoons – you said I do but haven’t had time to go away for your honeymoon, now may be the time to take that leap.
  • Proposals – forget popping the ring into a glass of champagne at your local restaurant. Think big and plan an epic proposal that your partner in crime won’t soon forget.
  • Anniversaries – if you’ve forgotten an anniversary or didn’t quite do it justice, you’d better have a special getaway planned!
  • Parents escape – leave the kids at home with the grandparents and get away for some much needed couples time.

Celebration travel


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Celebrating those special occasions is one of the things many people probably missed the most – and didn’t expect. Without being able to invite friends and family over, celebrate that graduation, engagement or babymoon, many of life’s special moments may have passed by in a blur, with no special memories.

Make up for it by celebrating your:

  • Graduation – after all that hard work – be it at school, university or being admitted into your profession - don’t you deserve a break away with friends and family? A local trip is the answer.
  • Promotions – Treat yourself to a little getaway to celebrate your success.
  • Bachelors and bachelorettes – Book a special getaway or overnight stay with some of your best mates (just be cautious of the numbers and as always, travel responsibly, adhering to all the recommended safety and social distancing protocols).
  • Babymoons – trust us, if you don’t take this trip now, it may be quite a wait before you feel confident enough travelling with the baba! South Africa is filled with wonderful retreats far from the hustle and bustle as well as award winning spas to treat mom-to-be.
  • Birthdays - Whether you turned sweet sixteen or sixty, celebrating another year of growing older and wiser is always a good idea.

Expert tips to plan that special occasion travel:


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  • Planning makes perfect
  • Find the ultimate combination of rest and adventure to suit you
  • Make the trip as hassle free as possible
  • Book early to snap up deals and to enjoy the widest choice of product and availability. If you do decide to make a last minute booking we are here to assist to help you make the most of it.


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