Emily In Paris: How To Do The City Of Light Just Like Emily

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Published 18 March 2022


At Flight Centre, we can’t help but fall in love with the city of love. It’s always been a top destination on most European visitor's bucket lists and for so many reasons! We also love the series Emily in Paris, because well when there’s anything to do with travelling the world, we binge watch it! So while watching we thought it would be an inspiration to guide you through the places that popped on your small screen if you have or are wanting to watch this endearing series on Netflix.

Below we have highlighted where to find the main locations in the series and see Paris through Emily Cooper’s eyes!

First let’s give you the backstory: Emily Cooper is a young  American (played by Lilly Collins) who finds herself swept off to Paris to fill the shoes of her pregnant boss. She soon discovers that Paris is not what she had previously had in mind and stumbles along the way as she acquaints herself with another’s country’s culture and the different ways of doing things that she’s accustomed to in the US.

It’s a big change, but Emily is determined to prove herself and against all odds wins the respect of her peers as well as the hearts of others along the way. Without giving too much away, we shift our focus onto our list of 10 of the iconic locations where the shooting took place so you can visit them for yourself and feel like you’re in her shoes.


Tourists attending restaurants along the river at night

Le Café Marly

Le Café Marly is a contemporary restaurant at the edge of the famous Louvre Museum. This is where Emily and Camille dine along with Sylvie in Episode 1 of season 2. This opulent eatery offers spectacular views of the Louvre Pyramid from under the arches of the Richelieu wing. The luxurious décor of this chic venue offers patrons a feeling of traditional French flair and the menu consists of elegant and innovative dishes to indulge in while watching the hustle as people go about visiting the museum.

La Nouvelle Eve

From exterior shots of Mindy’s drag performance scene from episode 2, season 2, it is suggested that she is working at La Nouvelle Eve. A real-life Parisian cabaret theatre is famously known for its spectacular “Paris Je T Aime” show, which traces the city’s rich artistic history. Dazzling costumes, emotive Edith Piaf music, comedy and leg-kicking cancan dancers will make this a night you’ll never forget!

*side note* Mindy’s performance of the K-Pop band BTS “Dynamite” was actually filmed in another location – Roxie – a supper club with live music situated in the chic neighbourhood of Eighth Arrondissement in Paris.

Gare de L ‘Est

The Gare de L’est train station (also referred to as Paris Est) in Paris is one of the largest train stations in the city. It is one of the oldest that provides services to the Alsace region of France along with many other countries like Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. Emily and Mathieu Cadault kick off what should be a dreamy sojourn to Saint-Tropes by departing from Gare de L ‘Est. While this station does not serve trains to the destination of Saint-Tropes the architecture sets the scene and is one of the most iconic train stations in Europe.

When it comes to luggage, just like at the Gare de Lyon, there are lockers that you can utilise and after going through scanners (similar to those at airports) you can choose a locker of varying sizes. The luggage lockers are on the lower level of the central hall, tucked away in the northeast corner behind an escalator, following the signs to “Consigne”.

Passage Choiseul

This iconic passage in the Opéra district was revamped and has been accessible to the public since summer 2013. Emily’s walk through passage Choiseul to ring in her birthday as she savours the countless well-wishes she receives is a heart-warming moment in the series. You can admire the glass roof inside which has been returned to its former glory for yourself and stop for something to eat as here you will find restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Père Lachaise Cemetery is a sprawling 44-hectare park and an open-air museum rolled into one. A stroll through its grounds always reveals something new with over 3 million people visiting the cemetery every year. Emily’s co-worker, Luc takes her here for a birthday lunch of a different kind. It’s impossible to appreciate life without “contemplating death”, according to the ever quirky Luc. They sit next to the grave of art critic Honoré de Balzac. It is the final resting place of many famous people. A stroll among the graves is an unusual and rewarding lesson in French and international cultural heritage. The list of famous individuals who are buried here includes 40 singers, 40 composers and 75 painters.


Perrotin Paris

 Camille’s on-screen place of employment is Perrotin Paris, a real gallery. Perrotin Paris is a modern art space that was founded by art dealer Emmanuel Perrotin in 1990 at the age of twenty-one Perrotin is a contemporary art gallery and had since opened over eighteen spaces, intending to offer increasingly creative and vibrant environments in which to experience art. He has worked closely with his roster of artists, some for more than twenty-five years, helping them to fulfil their ambitious art dreams and creative projects.

Fontaine Saint-Michel

Mindy’s first big busking performance takes place in front of Fontaine Saint-Michel in the Latin Quarter. Paris does not have many wall fountains and the Saint-Michel fountain on the Left Bank is probably the largest. The monumental fountain is a neo-Renaissance creation from the Haussmann era in 1860. The monumental Fontaine Saint-Michel overlooks Place Saint-Michel, a lively square where the Boulevard Saint-Michel meets the quays of the Seine.


Tortuga Galeries

When Emily finally gets her chance to discuss the whole Gabriel thing with Camille, they meet at Tortuga Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann - a high-end rooftop restaurant that overlooks Palais Garnier opera house with a view of Palais Garnier in the background. You can also get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from its heights. Here, chef Julien Sebbag has concocted a wonderful mouth-watering menu giving pride of place to fish and true to an eco-responsible approach. No products are farmed with the fish caught directly from the sea or river for dishes that follow the seasons. An ethic that is close to the heart of Chef Julien Sebbag, who wants to limit over-consumption by carefully selecting all his products to create delicate and sophisticated dishes.

Palace of Versailles

Probably the most stunning Emily in Paris location must be the hallowed halls of Versailles. Designer Gregory hosts his glamorous new intimates line debut in the palace-turned-tourist attraction’s Hall of Mirrors, creating a fashion affair to never forget. The Hall of Mirrors (73m) pays tribute to the political, economic and artistic accomplishments of France. Political successes are illustrated through the 30 painted compositions on the vaulted ceiling by Le Brun, which depict the glorious history of Louis XIV during the first 18 years of his reign, from 1661 to the peace treaties of Nijmegen. To top off the super extravagant event, Gregory dons a homage to Marie Antoinette.

Pont des Arts

 Much of Emily in Paris Season 2 takes place on The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts -  a pedestrian bridge in Paris that crosses the River Seine. It links the Institut de France and the central square of the Palais du Louvre. This is a beautifully scenic bridge that leaves you at the footsteps of the Louvre. The final scene of the season, however, brings Emily to Pont Neuf, the walking bridge directly west of Pont des Arts, where she ponders her future s she gazes down at the Seine.


Notable mentions:

The Hôtel d’Evreux

The Hôtel d’Evreux is a private mansion at Number 19 on the luxurious Place Vendôme. It is in this location steeped in history that the (fictional) beauty brand Durée organizes an influencer event to which Emily is invited. The ultra-chic Ritz Paris is a few doors down, at Number 15. Place Vendôme is a Parisian square renowned for its high-end boutiques, particularly jewellery stores. Connected to Place de l ’Opéra via Rue de la Paix, Place Vendôme has featured in many films and TV series shot in Paris. It appears several times throughout Emily in Paris.

Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Mindy calls Rue de l’Abreuvoir ‘the prettiest street in Paris’ and explains to Emily that it is also called la rue qui va au bout - the road that leads to the end. While neither of those things is officially true, Rue de l’Abreuvoir is definitely one of the quaintest streets in Montmartre! This is where Emily decides to set up her ingenious marketing campaign for Hästens beds, and it’s also where Maison Rose, the delightful restaurant where Mindy and Emily have dinner in the fifth episode in season 1 can be found. Opened in 1908 by Germaine Pichot, Maison Rose once played host to many famous people, including Edith Piaf and Pablo Picasso.

If seeing Paris through the eyes of Emily has them twinkling, then speak to one of our travel experts today. We know exactly where to get you and can offer you all that Paris and even beyond into France has to show you.


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