MSC Cruises: What To Expect On Board Your Ocean Adventure

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Published 19 February 2018


If you find yourself weighing up the options for your upcoming holiday, whether you are planning a family adventure or a romantic getaway, a cruise holiday easily outweighs most options! Not only is it one of the best “value for money” holiday experiences, but it’s also one of the most care-free holidays you will ever have.

What to expect from MSC Cruises

Activities for Kids

If you are worried about being stuck entertaining your kids all day while on a cruise… stop, because MSC Cruises want parents to relax and spend quality adult-time as well. Staff on board will jump through hoops to make that happen. They are well-trained and the ship is equipped with awesome entertainment facilities that will titillate and engage young minds from babies, toddlers, all the way up to teenagers. Parents can rest assured that kids will be treated like royalty on an MSC cruise.

Adult Entertainment

From bars, restaurants and theatre shows, to fitness facilities, shopping malls and spa days, you won’t run out of things to do on board an MSC cruise. Just in case you were wondering why you would spend your entire holiday on a ship. Apart from the spectacular onboard facilities available to adults, the on-shore excursions are definitely something to get excited about. Are there any notable sites you want to see on-shore? There will more than likely be an excursion you can book right from the information desk on-board.

Most Popular Destinations

MSC cruise ships depart from ports all around the world and while there are obviously some differences between the ships and the excursions on offer for each cruise, being part of the MSC fleet, means that you can expect the same five-star experience no matter where you choose to cruise with MSC.

Popular destinations from cruises departing in South Africa include the Portuguese Islands, Mozambique and of course “Nowhere”… No, that isn’t a typo. One of MSC’s most popular packages is their “Cruise to Nowhere” option. This cruise is all about being at sea where you are invited to just immerse yourself in the actual cruising part of the cruise experience.

Other spectacular MSC destinations include travelling in style around Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Asia. Don’t forget the breath-taking Mediterranean cruise offerings.

Why MSC?

MSC Cruises is a top choice for families, singles, couples or anyone looking for a holiday that’s different yet still packed with spoils for every kind of traveller. Their fleet is beautifully maintained and their staff expertly trained. The hospitality on board will always leave you wishing your trip was longer. MSC prides themselves on the fact that they offer their guests the quality and comfort of a five-star hotel at a great price.

We also put together fantastic packages for flights to and from your chosen port destination as well as any accommodation and travel you may need before or after your cruise. We are here to help you and we can’t wait to make your dream cruise holiday a reality.

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