Malaysia's Langkawi: Duty Free Tropical Paradise Awaits

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Published 16 September 2013


Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country. It also has a very large land mass made up of massive cities, beautiful beaches and lush rain forest sand jungles. There is so much to keep you busy and too much to learn about the history, the different cultures and the people.When planning a holiday to Malaysia, you know you cannot fit it all in. You have to pick and choose. And, in the end, if you choose to spend some time on the duty free tropical paradise of Langkawi, you won’t be disappointed.

Tourists have been flocking to this archipelago, specifically PulauLangkawi, long before it was duty free (an obvious added bonus in the late 80s), drawn in by the clear waters, almost-clean beaches, mangroves and jungle access (  What is truly wonderful about Langkawi is that despite there being so many visitors, the island has not been over-developed. If you move away from the main beaches and tourist attractions, you’ll find rural Malaysia at its best.


Cenang Beach at dusk | Langkawi, Asia
Cenang Beach at dusk | Langkawi, Malaysia



 Langkawi is a place which caters for tourists with luxury accommodation, spas, quality seafood restaurants and beach bars. It is also a place where the locals go about their business as usual, just as they have always done.  For such a small destination, it is surprising to find so much to do. Hire a boat with friends and go snorkeling or diving for a day. Rent a jetski off Cenang Beach.

Take in the breathtaking views on the Langkawi Cable Car and visit the Seven Wells waterfall. Book a mangrove forest and eagle watching tour. Go on a trekking adventure through the jungle. Rent a scooter and drive around the island until the sun goes down. Teach your youngsters about sea creatures at Underwater World. Eat at Tomato, one of the best-value-for-money restaurants in town.Or simply relax. Langkawi is the perfect place to be lazy; the perfect place to read a good book and catch a bit of sun.


Langkawi Cable Car | Asia
Langkawi Cable Car | Malaysia



 Langkawi is the best place to catch up on sleep, a lie in the morning and a nap in the afternoon. Langkawi is a fascinating place to explore, rent a scooter for a day and take long leisurely walks at sunset. Best of all, Langkawi is theplace to meet people; have a drink at Babylon, sea sand between your toes,join a table of university students to eat Mexican burritos at a beach café or jump in on a game of volleyball. Whichever kind of holiday you’re looking for, Langkawi has it all. 

 By: Philippa Francis

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