There's So Much More To Egypt Than Just The Pyramids

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Published 7 October 2021


Thousands of years of history are at a visitor’s fingertips in the magical land of Egypt.  As a tourist in this historic country, one is literally spoilt for choice. Its imposing Pharaonic temples, spectacular pyramids and sand-covered tombs are something special to behold while a visit to the world-famous Cairo Egyptian Museum will dazzle you as you feast your eyes on the glittering finds displayed there.

There is more to Egypt than just treading the well-known tourist paths around Cairo and Luxor

However, there is more to Egypt than just treading the well-known tourist paths around Cairo and Luxor.  This country has an overabundance of mind-blowing tourist attractions that are relatively unknown to many travellers.  While the ancient tombs and the legacy of the Pharaohs are fascinating jewels in themselves, the tourism jewel that is Egypt offers a myriad of other facets perhaps less known to the average visitor.

The longest river in the world


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The Nile River is the lifeblood of Egypt. It is the longest river in the world, flowing over 6,600 kilometres northwards through Africa. Live-aboard cruises on this spectacular river offer a relaxed way to enjoy the country.  These differ in duration from three-day to seven-day excursions.

This is one of the most popular ways to take in the wealth of cultural attractions and archaeological treasures that Egypt has to offer. A cruise has to be neither touristy nor expensive. Even for budget travellers who prefer to do their own thing, a Nile River cruise is almost always going to be the best option when you consider all of the costs that make up part of your trip to Egypt.

Incredible desert safaris


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For the more adventurous, there are exciting desert jeep safaris, and one of the best is to be found at Hurghada.  This outdoor trip is a thrilling, hot and bumpy adventure through the Sahara desert.

Fancy a full-speed quad bike ride taking you through Egypt’s magnificent landscapes?  Then this is the place to be and for refreshment, how about sipping a few cups of tea with one of the Bedouin tribes afterwards?  Hurghada, (which has rightly been called “paradise on earth”) tucked away on the Red Sea coast, is a stunning resort and is one of the best-hidden treasures of Egypt.

Hiking and mountaineering

Considering doing some hiking or adventuring on camel-back?  Then Abu Galoum is for you. The area has some breath-taking scenery with stunning views of high coastal mountains. There is enough flora and fauna here to excite your inner naturalist.  Finally, you can even enjoy an overnight stay at the remote Bedouin camp.

Off the beaten track

Of special interest is the Siwa Oasis which is arguably the most overlooked tourist destination in the country. A true oasis, Siwa is blessed with flowing fresh water and is a serene place to take a breather from your perhaps hectic travel itinerary. Here, you can chill out, sip on a cup of tea or sample their traditional food. Take a casual stroll and dip your feet in the dozens of springs to be found there and cool down your senses for a while.

Water sports aplenty


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Egypt rests on the Mediterranean and Red Seas.  Water sports naturally flourish and abound on the thousands of kilometres of coastline bordering this country.  There is anything from surfing (yes indeed, but the somewhat “low key” at present), kite and windsurfing, snorkelling and of course the Red Sea is world-renowned for its spectacular scuba diving. 

Not interested in going beneath the waves?  Then enjoy the fun that glass-bottomed boats offer or sail around on a catamaran.  It goes without saying that where there are water sports there are also world-class beaches and Egypt has these in almost embarrassing abundance!

If you’d like to visit Egypt and experience all her glory first-hand, speak to a travel expert today and we will make your Egyptian dream a reality in no time!

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