Day 2 Of Our Nomad Tour By Guest Blogger Singatha Hlazo

Trees and grassy marshland by a still lake

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Published 30 January 2012


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Singatha Hlazo | Guest Blogger

Day two started before dawn even had a chance to crack. Why so early you ask? Well, our first activity was a early game drive at the Kharma Rhino Sanctuary. Wildlife don’t have alarm clocks and are up very early in the morning, so in order to spot and Rhinos and other animals we had to work to their timetable.

Sleeping in the tent for the first night was a quiet a change from my bed with pillows and bedding. Be prepared for a thinnish mattress to accompany your sleeping bag. But you get used to it.

Once we had packed our tents up and showered we headed to the game drive where we would have a two hour drive in the Rhino Sanctuary followed by a full breakfast out in the wilderness. It was beautiful.

During the game drive we were able to learn about the decline of the rhino population in Southern Africa and how the Khama Rhino sanctuary was created for the very purpose of protecting rhinos. Along the game drive we passed two military vans with soldiers who patrol the sanctuary night and day as protection from poachers.

A small brick cabin with a steep roof sits in sand among trees

Nomad Camp Site | Sitatunga

After the game drive, we departed for Maun where we would prepare for our two day stay in the Okavango Delta. The Delta is one of the highlights of this seven day tour. One of the optional activities in Maun is a flight over the Okavango Delta. The activity costs about R500 and the plane takes 6 or 7 passengers. We were able to see the vastness of the Delta from the air, spot herd upon herd of rhino, elephants, giraffes, zebras, springbok, hippo and many other wild species. One of the best sky views I had ever seen and yes I forgot my camera in my locker in the truck. Epic fail!Such is the life I lead.

A group of cabins sits on sandy ground among trees

Cabins at the Sitatunga camp site | Nomad Tour

Our second night was spent at Sitatunga Camp, a beautiful camp site with a lovely bar (and a swimming pool) and awesome outdoor showers where you can look up at the stars as you wash away the dust and sweat of the day’s activities.

The Okavango Delta:

The Okavango Delta (or Okavango Swamp), in Botswana, is the world's largest inland delta. It is formed where the Okavango River empties onto a swamp in an endorheic basin in the Kalahari Desert, where most of the water is lost to evaporation and transpiration because it doesn’t drain into the sea or river.

Each year approximately 11 cubic kilometres of water irrigate the 15,000 km² area. Some flood waters drain into Lake Ngami. The Moremi Game Reserve, a National Park, spreads across the eastern side of the delta.

Want to know more … ? Then catch up with part three of my blog – coming soon.

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