Air Travel: Tips And Confessions From Your Travel Expert

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Published 13 November 2020


Here’s what the Flight Centre Travel Experts want you to know about air travel right now.

You do not want to be going it alone when it comes to any travel during a global pandemic. Never before has travel had more variables and perhaps never before in the history of travel have travellers needed someone to deal with mountains of admin and follow-ups and hold their hands through a confusing process.

Travellers are looking for expert advice and the assurance and flexibility to make any travel decision confidently.

For example, check out our Moneyback Guarantee on our Homegrown Holidays domestic travel packages allowing you the flexibility to cancel your booking, in writing, 24 hours before the intended check-in date, and we will refund immediately – no questions asked. Ask your Flight Centre Travel Expert for more information.

Here are some airline suggestions to discuss with your Travel Expert when planning your next flight:


With flexible fares, the option to take a bag or not, plus an on-time performance of 96% in September 2020, FlySafair is a great choice for your no-frills domestic flight.


Airlink is a full-service airline, with fares including a checked-in bag plus a meal. Airlink also flies to a wide range of destinations that other carriers do not.


Emirates offers free COVID-19 cover, as well as a range of flexible ticket and travel voucher options. They're renowned for their health and safety protocols, from navigating the airport to the onboard experience.


Qatar is another popular international airline, that offers enhanced health and safety protocols, as well as the flexibility to travel with confidence.

Turkish Airlines

Browse Turkish Airlines flexible travel options, as well as their safety guidelines, to give you peace of mind.

Contact your Travel Expert to discuss the best possible flight to meet your holiday needs and give you the peace of mind and flexibility you need.


Plan ahead

Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants travel is, at least for now, off the cards. While you can snap up a great last-minute local travel deal, you're going to need time to consult your Travel Expert and get your ducks in a row. 

The travel journey – from getting to the airport to checking in to your hotel – may take longer. Allow for extra time throughout so you don't feel rushed, or heaven forbid, miss a flight because you haven't made provision for the extra time needed to pass through all the new health and safety checks. Be patient and expect longer queues.

Don’t forget to check if your usual airport parking spot is open! Some OR Tambo airport goers were left with a hefty parking fee after accidentally using ORT's short-term parking area, which has now been designated a pick-up and drop-off zone only.


Travel news & COVID-19 restrictions

Are you looking for up to date travel information in real-time? Check out our Travel News information hub, which allows you to search for any country and get COVID-19 travel information and more need to know resources, for free.

Please note: Although every effort has been made to ensure the information is up to date, information is subject to change at any time. Travel is incredibly fluid at the moment as governments continue to change border entry requirements on a daily if not weekly basis. It is always advisable to consult your Flight Centre Travel Expert for the latest information.


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