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Published 30 December 2011


MSC offer local cruises through the Indian Ocean from South Africa on beautiful cruise ships. Fantastic beaches, crystalline ocean waters, luxurious resorts, and scenery as spectacular as you'll find anywhere in the world.
The beaches of the Indian Ocean on one side, deserts stretching towards the Atlantic on the other. A land of contrasts, the southernmost part of Africa offers a travel experience which is one of a kind, where nature reigns with breath-taking landscapes, from volcanoes to giant reefs of smooth, dark granite rock and soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. This is the background to life in this great and multifaceted continent.
A journey on an MSC cruise will take you on a discovery of locations deep in wild and luxuriant natural settings. Visitors to the African Continent, will be overcome, on their return home, by a subtle nostalgia and a desire to return to those lands.

Mozambique is considered to be one of the finest African holiday destinations, and what better way to get there than with cruises to Mozambique? We offer you the opportunity to visit this beautiful country with a three-night cruise upon the magnificent MSC Sinfonia cruise liner. Departing from Durban, your journey will take you to see and experience the Portuguese Islands before arriving in Mozambique.


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The MSC Sinfonia cruises to Mozambique will take you on a journey unlike any other. The MSC Sinfonia offers hotel-like cruising on the ocean where you can enjoy everything on offer while you cruise your way to the Mozambique coastline in the Indian Ocean.

Enjoy beach activities, take a pleasant stroll, play beach volleyball, visit a secluded bay, and take in the shore excursions that MSC cruises offer.

With cruises to Mozambique, you will be able to mix adventure with pleasure as you cruise your way along the African coast and savor in delicious Portuguese cuisine.

Here are some reasons why South Africans choose to cruise locally with MSC Cruises:

  1. Convenience: Cruising locally can be more convenient for individuals who live near a port serviced by MSC Cruises. It eliminates the need for long flights or extensive travel to reach the embarkation point.

  2. Exploring Nearby Destinations: Local cruises may focus on specific regions, allowing passengers to explore nearby destinations without the need for international travel. This can be appealing for those who want a shorter trip or are interested in exploring their own country or neighboring areas.

  3. Cultural Familiarity: Cruising locally may provide a sense of cultural familiarity, as passengers are likely to encounter customs, languages, and cuisines that are more closely aligned with their own. This can be comforting for some travelers.

  4. Reduced Travel Costs: Cruising locally can potentially reduce travel costs associated with long-haul flights and international travel. This can make cruising more budget-friendly for individuals or families.

  5. Environmental Considerations: Some travelers may choose local cruises due to environmental concerns, as shorter voyages typically have a lower carbon footprint compared to longer international journeys.

  6. Time Constraints: Local cruises are often shorter in duration, which can be appealing for individuals with limited holiday time or those who prefer a quick getaway.

  7. Cruise Itinerary: MSC Cruises offers an appealing itinerary for local destinations, including Mozambique, Namibia, Cape Town, Durban and more.

So don't hesitate to be taken in by amazing experiences in places such as Cape Town in South Africa, Maputo in Mozambique, Port Louis in Mauritius, and Lüderitz in Namibia. Africa has never been so close. A Portuguese Island cruise is amongst the most popular and all you need to do is get to Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, and more where your holiday begins.

For more information on our cruise specials contact us and one of our travel experts will provide you with the most affordable prices on the magnificent MSC Cruise.

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