6 Really Good Reasons You Should Book Your Flight Online

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Published 18 July 2019


The internet is awesome. Google. Instagram. YouTube. Email. Online shopping. Cat memes. It’s all there at the touch of a button. So why should booking your holiday be any different? There are a whole bunch of benefits to booking your holiday online. Here are just a few:




1. It’s ridiculously easy

You don't have to be an expert to make a booking online. All you need is an internet connection and a credit card! Do it on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Any time of day or night – online booking sites don’t keep office hours. Do it on your lunch break. In a queue at the grocery store. Lying in bed. Walking your dog. Wherever!

2. The options are endless

Just type in where, when and how you want to fly, and the booking site will bring up a huge selection of options to choose from. Different airlines, layovers, travel times, prices and more are all at your fingertips. You can tailor your travel plans to suit your exact needs, plus it’s a great way to shop around for the best rates.

3. Get the very best deals

Online booking platforms scour the internet and put together a list of the most affordable deals available at the moment. By having the full list of travel prices all in one place, you won’t have to worry about having missed something when doing your own searching.

4. Vet your airline

Not all airlines are made equal. They all offer different features, some of which will suit your travel style more than others. Before you click the ‘book’ button, do a little research into the airline. Visit their website for some insight into the airline’s in-flight entertainment system, food, service, legroom and other important info. And check out online forums for honest reviews from other travellers.

5. It’s easy to change your mind

Need to change your flights times? Itinerary taken an unexpected turn? Or simply found a better deal? No problem! Changing or cancelling your booking online is quick and easy. No waiting on the phone to speak to a customer service representative. Or lengthy conversations explaining your changes. Just a few clicks and you’re sorted!

6. It’s super safe

Online booking sites are very secure, so you can rest assured that all your details (including your credit card) are perfectly protected and safe from prying eyes.

Our Flight Centre online booking platform is safe, super easy to use and offers the widest range of destinations at the very best rates. Our friendly travel experts are also just a call away if you need some one-on-one advice too. Click here to book now!


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