5 Foods you must eat when visiting South Africa

South Africa

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Published 22 May 2012


South Africa is a culturally diverse county and that shows in everything, from the food the locals eat to their dress sense.  Since we’re food loving country, I thought it would great to share some of the famous Africa cuisines enjoyed by South Africans. Your visit to South Africa wouldn’t be complete without at least a taste of one of the below foods.

1. Chicken Feet a.k.a Maotwana (in siSotho)

Yep as peculiar as it sounds, chicken feet are a part of the chicken enjoyed by not only South Africans but also Mexicans and Koreans.  The feet have minimal meat; the texture of the chicken feet is also far different from the rest of the chicken.  These can be enjoyed with pap & gravy or bread.  Chicken feet can also be enjoyed in soup.  If you love chicken, be sure to try out chicken feet when in South Africa.

2. Mopane Worms a.k.a Mašotša (in Sepedi)

Mopane worms are a type of moth, and is a very good source of protein.  Mopane worms are handpicked from the wild and can be eaten as a raw and crunchy snack or soaked in brine.  If you crunchy doesn’t work for you, you can soak them until they are ready to be fried with onions or tomatoes.  Enjoy Mopane worms with dumpling, or pap.

3. Potjiekos

South Africans love Potjiekos, it’s a meal cooked in cast iron round “three-legged” pot.  The ingredients of the potjie include a mixture of vegetables and meat (seafood, chicken, pork, lamb or beef etc).  The food is cooked by placing the pot on burning coal and wood. 

4. Biltong

Biltong is meat that has been preserved.  There are many types of meat used to make it, from beef to ostrich.  Biltong is made from raw pieces of meat that is spiced and dried.  Biltong is generally enjoyed as a snack by South Africans but pieces of it can be added to other types of meals.  Enjoy biltong with friends over beer.

5. Amagwinya a.k.a Vetkoek

Amagwinya are buns made from flour, dry yeast, sugar, salt, water, and are deep fried in cooking oil.  The buns are best enjoyed whilst still warm and can be stuffed with anything, South Africans are well known to stuffing them with mince or polony & atchar.


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