Glamping getaways in South Africa

Glamping – a combination of the words' glamorous' and 'camping' – are a far cry from the tents and air mattresses you may remember from days gone by. Today, glamping getaways offer exquisitely appointed 'tents', world-class service, cuisine and experiences and are one of the unique ways to experience the beauty of South Africa up close.

Tented safari camps in the bush are a popular local choice.

A glamping holiday offers the best of both worlds – the rare opportunity to get unbelievably close to nature and completely, blissfully, away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. The bonus is that you can do so without scrimping on any of the non-negotiable luxuries you'd come to expect from a comfortable hotel stay. Plus, nothing spells safari elegance quite like the romance of a luxury safari tent.

The aesthetic décor of these glamping spots and exclusivity of the genuinely breathtaking surroundings will surely make up for any possibly intermittent phone signal.

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