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Beachcomber Holidays in Mauritius


Mauritius has a decades-long connection with South African holidaymakers for the simple reason that it has fabulous protected beaches; warm, turquoise-coloured seas gently lapping its shores and stunning coral reefs just begging to be explored by snorkelers and scuba divers alike – or even by mini-submarine!

Beachcomber has been a big part of Mauritius’ tourism right from the beginning. Having opened their first hotel (The Park Hotel) on the island way back in 1952 and since then they have been rightly labelled a pioneer of the Mauritian hospitality industry. 70 years since that inland establishment first opened its doors to the public, they now proudly boast eight top-class hotels, each of which offers the visitor a great experience.

At Flight Centre we partner with the best and Beachcomber is no exception. Let’s take a journey through some of their spectacular resorts as we give you a glimpse into the Beachcomber experience.

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