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March 2018

Let us inspire your journey in 2018 with our 12 month travel guide. We have put together various travel options as well as a list of the must-see places and worldwide events. Start planning ahead and make 2018 a year to remember.

Ireland is a small country with a big heart and invites you to come and visit its exquisite, rocky coastline and meet its warm, welcoming people. Saint Patrick’s Day falls on 17 March and Ireland is the best place to celebrate its patron saint, with song, dance and Guinness alongside the locals. Did you know that Saint Patrick was actually Roman and not Irish and that there are more mobile phones than people in Ireland?

For a warmer destination closer to home, Mozambique has some of the most beautiful beaches and marine life. Mozambique is an idyllic tropical holiday destination and it comes in at a really affordable price. This really is paradise with the warm Indian Ocean waters caressing white sandy beaches.

As Audrey Hepburn so aptly stated, “Paris is always a good idea.” This truly is a bucket-list city with attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the 12 th -century Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral and the Arc De Triomf. One is easily carried away by the incredible sights and sounds of this city of love. Paris is also known as the Capital of Fashion, being home to some of the world’s finest names in design from Yves Saint-Laurent to Christian Dior.

The Maldives is traditionally called the “Kings Island” due to its central location. This tropical island paradise lies in the warm Indian Ocean with an average ground-level elevation of 1.5 meters above sea-level. To visit the Maldives is a magical experience with crystal and marine-life abundant ocean waters, powdery white beaches and sunny skies.

For a celebration of colour and fun, join the Hindu Holi Festival in India and Nepal to mark the beginning of spring and good triumphing over evil. This festival sees people painting each other with bright pigments and squirting one another with dyed water. Sweets are also handed out in abundance.