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Walvis Bay is beckoning you to come and enjoy its hospitality, visit its harbour teeming with life and explore the Namib desert that begins east of the Bay. Walvis Bay (Walvis Baai) translates to 'Bay of Whales' in English, home to Namibia's only deep-water harbour halfway up the Namibian coastline. Safe from the ravaging Atlantic Ocean, the natural harbour is shielded by the Pelican Point sand spit. The tidal lagoon teems with birdlife such as Damara terns, pelicans, and flamingos, while the port itself is abuzz with ships and fishing boats. 

As an ideal shore excursion east of the Bay, get the feel of the untouched desert by climbing Dune 7, the highest dune in Namibia, at just under 400 metres in height. The climb is challenging, but it takes about 20 minutes for the fit ones, with a breath-taking view as the reward. The dune is the 7th dune you come to after crossing the river Tsauchab. 

Eighty kilometres south of Walvis Bay, Sandwich Harbour has become a world attraction as tourists from everywhere flock to experience this magnificent area where the desert connects with the Atlantic Ocean. This is where towering dunes run fearlessly into the ocean. The Sandwich Harbour, which no longer exists, was built here in the 15th century, probably for whale catching. The pristine Harbour Lagoon displays a wide variety of birdlife and bountiful flora, unusual in a desert climate. 

Rising like a ghost in the misty desert, the lighthouse is situated on a barren sandy peninsula of Pelican Point at Walvis Bay. With the roaring waves of the Atlantic on the one side and the calmer Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other, this breath-taking view will be etched into your memory forever.  Beaches on the Atlantic side around the Pelican Point Lighthouse are frequented by Cape fur seals, whales, and dolphins. According to mariners, the cast-iron lighthouse's colour was initially grey, making it indistinguishable in the prevailing misty conditions. A black and white coat was the best solution in the end. 

Don’t forget an unforgettable dolphin and seal cruise which starts in the morning from the Walvis Bay waterfront. After embarking on the boat, you head for the lighthouse at Pelican Point to be greeted by several 1000 Cape fur seals. You are also likely to meet with dolphins, seagulls, flamingos, and pelicans. 

How can anyone possibly not visit Walvis Bay and enjoy the beauty of both the roaring Atlantic Ocean and the misty Namib desert? So, why haven’t you booked your tickets yet? 

When is the best time to visit Walvis Bay?

It depends on factors like what you intend on doing in Walvis Bay and your travel budget. Contact us to help you organise your dream holiday to Walvis Bay.

Do I need a visa to visit Walvis Bay?

A tourist visa is not necessary for a stay in Walvis Bay of up to 90 days.

How long is a  flight from OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg to Walvis Bay?

Direct flights to Walvis Bay are about 2 and a half hours long. A flight with stopovers or layovers can be much longer depending on the connecting flights. 

Does Airlink offer flights from Johannesburg to Walvis Bay?

Yes, Airlink regularly flies the Johannesburg to Walvis Bay route. 

Is Walvis Bay safe?

Walvis Bay is safe. Nevertheless, please be mindful of the usual personal safety precautions when travelling to any other country.

Is Walvis Bay worth visiting?

Yes, it offers some of the best attractions to experience in Namibia.

What is Walvis Bay’s main airport?

Walvis Bay has a single international airport, which is called Walvis Bay International Airport (WVB).

What is the local currency in Walvis Bay?

The Namibian Dollar is the local currency. South African Rand can be used in Namibia as well.

What do I need to know about COVID-19 travel regulations for flights to Walvis Bay?

COVID-19 travel regulations, including possible COVID-19 tests and quarantining, could often change as travel regulations usually do. So, please get in touch for the latest updates on travel regulations and browse the latest travel updates here.

How do I check an airline’s flight schedule for flights to Walvis Bay?

Please visit the airline’s website or give them a call for their latest flight schedule.

Do I need to do online check-in for my flights?

You don’t have to check in online. You can also check in at the airport before your flight.

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