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Lusaka is Zambia’s capital and most prominent city in the country. It’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa, and it’s a multicultural hub of people from all over Africa and the world. So book a flight to Lusaka and enjoy everything from sprawling markets to game-viewing excursions just outside the city in its beautiful natural surroundings. 

Spend a fun day shopping at the Sunday Craft Market located in the Arcades Shopping Centre on well Sundays. Choose from a vast, colourful selection of clothes, jewellery, and locally made arts and crafts, as well as local food and drink.

If you get hungry, you should try some of the delicious local dishes. Mopane worms are a popular fried dish known locally as ifinkubala and served with tomatoes and onions. If you want to get your veg in, try okra, chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves), bondwe (a type of Amaranthus) or Lumanda (from the hibiscus family).

Take a trip to Nembo Scenic Park, like a ‘Tiny Town’, which is a 47 000 square metre model structure of Zambia. This miniature version of the country is like a 3D map and features all of Zambia’s main attractions and natural wonders like waterfalls, rivers, mountains etc.

Learn about the history of Zambia at Lusaka National Museum, which is full of beautiful works of art that show the cultural transformation of Zambia throughout its history. There’s also a great children’s corner to keep the little ones busy (and some adults too!).

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with our cold-blooded friends, then head to Kalimba Reptile Park. You’ll get to see the Nile crocodile, as well as a variety of snakes, tortoises, and other reptiles. The park has gorgeous grounds that also offer fishing and mini golf. You can even try some croc-wors (boerewors made from crocodile meat)!

We’ve put together some handy information about Lusaka to help make your journey easier. 

What’s the weather like in Lusaka?

Summer is November to March when it’s hot, humid and rainy with an average high of 30°C. Winter is April to October and is a lot drier with an average temperature of 25°C.

What language is spoken in Lusaka?

English is the official language, but Nyanja and Bemba are the local languages.

What’s the currency in Lusaka?

The local currency is the Zambian Kwacha, but you can also use Rands, US Dollars, Pounds, and Euros.

How long will my flight be from Johannesburg to Lusaka?

A direct flight to Lusaka from Johannesburg is about two hours.

Do I need a visa to travel to Lusaka?

If you’re a South African passport holder, you won’t need a tourist visa to visit Lusaka for up to 90 days.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Lusaka? 

Flight prices vary with peak and off-peak seasons for travel to Zambia. For the best deal on cheap flights to Lusaka, contact one of our Flight Centre Experts or check online.

What should I know about COVID-19-related travel requirements for flights to Lusaka?

COVID-19 regulations change often, so, for the most reliable information, contact us or take a look at our up-to-date travel info.

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