Whether you are visiting Lagos for business or pleasure, it will be a time well spent with an experience etched into your memory. Lagos is a thriving commercial centre and city as well as an endless source of sights and experiences. 

Visit Bar Beach, situated on Victoria Island via the Ahmadu Bello Way, and the most popular beach in Lagos. Well-known for its sand bars, the beach stretches from the Institute of Oceanography in the west towards Eko Hotel in the east. Huge concrete blocks break the Atlantic Ocean’s mighty power, while swimmers are warned about the strong currents. Activities abound, such as horse riding along the crashing waves, as well as other beach sports. 

Coconut Beach forms part of the town Badagry, which is west of Lagos State. Not only surrounded by palm trees beckoning you to come but also by holiday resorts, this unspoilt pebble beach can be reached via the Lagos-Badagry express motorway. With this tropical setting, no wonder beachgoers frequent this beautiful attraction to enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and refreshing waters. In addition, there is much entertainment to be had with music and musical jamborees. 

Grab a water taxi or boat from Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine on Victoria Island, and visit Tarkwa Bay, a sheltered beach found on an island near Lagos harbour. The beach is far from the teeming crowds and an ideal place to break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A resident community makes its living from tourists while keeping the beach clean and attractive. 

You can paddle your way to Calabar Beach, located at the mouth of the Calabar River that stretches for several kilometres and is over 100 metres wide. With swamps on either side, the seemingly unending magical beach provides you with that thrill and adventure, knowing that you are cut off from the mainland. What makes this beach so attractive, apart from the roar of the waves, is that it is uninhabited apart from a lonely fisherman’s hut.

Eleko Beach is also worth a visit, a public beach, but without the usual crowds and is clean. If you wish to exercise, horse riding, kayaking, and beach games are on offer. For those seafood lovers, fish, prawns, and crabs can be bought on the beach, while you can quench your thirst with some fresh coconut juice. 

What a fitting end to visiting Lagos is to experience the greatest festival in the city, the Eyo Festival. Full of tradition, it is held on the island of Lagos, but unfortunately only sporadically. The festival involves the ‘Eyos’ or masquerades clothed in white robes and wearing uniquely coloured hats (Akete) while celebrating an Oba’s or king’s life or paying tribute to his death. The festival also occurs when a new leader has been elected. The Eyos carry palm branches with which they bless the onlookers. 

How much does a flight from Johannesburg to Lagos cost? 

Please browse our website for the latest prices for flights.

What language is spoken in Lagos

English is the official language spoken in Nigeria. However, there are also over 500 local dialects that are spoken in the country.

Do I need a visa to visit Lagos?

Yes, a visa is needed for South African passport holders.

How long is a flight from Johannesburg to Lagos?

Direct flights to Lagos take approximately 6 hours. Indirect flights are dependent on the airline and the number of stopovers or layovers.

Is Lagos safe for tourists?

Lagos is considered a ‘high-risk’ destination by some. Please take the required level of care and precautions regarding your safety should you visit Lagos. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Is food expensive in Lagos?

The cost of food in Lagos is roughly comparable with South Africa, depending on where and what you eat.

What is Lagos’s main airport?

Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS) is the main airport in Lagos.

What is the local currency in Lagos?

The Nigerian Naira is the local currency.

What do I need to know about COVID-19 travel requirements for flights to Lagos?

Travel requirements such as those that relate to COVID-19 regarding COVID-19 tests and quarantining could be revised. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly travel experts for the latest information and browse the latest travel updates here.

How do I check in online for my flight to Lagos?

Most airlines offer an online check-in facility on their websites.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Lagos?

Get in touch with us today for friendly expert travel advice, or browse our website for flights. The usual flight price fluctuations throughout the year are subject to change. In addition, flight prices vary subject to several factors, such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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