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Although Kinshasa is now the most populated in Africa, it began as a small village trading and fishing on the Congo River.

Kinshasa is the home of the Congolese rumba, a unique type of dance music. You can arrange your visit to intersect with festivals such as the Jazz Kif Festival, the Pan African Music Festival, and the International Stars Festival.

Kinshasa’s residential and commercial centre is Gombe and hosts great hotels, embassies, and wonderful restaurants. Take a tour of the city, and drive down the ‘Avenue du Tourisme,’ a highway that displays all the tropical wonders and staggering views of both capitals. Complete your tour with a refreshing drink and local delicacies at a café facing turbulent rapids. They mark the place where the untamed Congo is no longer navigable and where the first European discoverer of the River, Diego Cao, watched his boat disintegrate many years ago.

Take an adventurous cruise on the massive Congo River. Many ships, local anglers, and villages are there to greet you, and you’ll encounter islands north of the river settlements. The river bursts with life, such as numerous fish and birds displaying the most vivid colours. You’ll see other island communities, as well as farmers working on the riverbanks.

For those preferring a quiet day, enjoy a fabulous view of the River from one of the restaurants or hotels. Although no bridge connects Kinshasa with Brazzaville, you can visit an impressive bridge that spans the Djoue River, a tributary that joins the Congo River.

Also known as ‘Le Marché des Valeurs’ in French, the Value Market is in the middle of Kinshasa. Relish in the feasts on offer, which displays Congolese culture at its best with handicrafts and other items brought in from all over the Congo. Connect with local vendors and learn how to negotiate.

Animal lovers must visit the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, a 90-minute journey west of Kinshasa. This is home to the docile bonobos, which are related to chimpanzees.

There you have it – a snippet of a dream holiday trip to Kinshasa along the majestic, winding Congo River. So why not take the plunge and experience a unique holiday in the heart of Africa?

How long will my flight be from Johannesburg to Kinshasa?
The fastest flight from Johannesburg to Kinshasa takes about 8 hours and 45 minutes. 

Is Kinshasa safe?
Crime rates are known to be high in the city. Please \ take all necessary precautions for your safety during your stay. Please get in touch for any travel advice before your flight.

Do I need a visa to visit Kinshasa?
Yes. South African passport holders need a visa. Do you have any queries? Please contact us for any travel advice you may need.

What is Kinshasa known for now?
It is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which resides next to the Congo River.

What is the name of Kinshasa’s airport?
Ndjili International Airport is the city’s airport.

What are the COVID-19-related travel requirements for flights to Kinshasa?
Please contact us for the most up to date COVID-19-related travel requirements, including COVD-19 tests and browse the latest travel updates here.

What is the local currency in Kinshasa?
The Congolese Franc is the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s currency.

Which airlines fly from Johannesburg to Kinshasa?
Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways have regular flights along this route. Please get in touch should you need any travel advice.

What language do they speak in Kinshasa?
French is the nation's official language. In addition, Swahili is the most widespread indigenous language.

How do I check the status of my flight to Kinshasa?
You can visit the airline’s website for the latest flight information.

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