Important notice for all customers departing OR Tambo International Airport

Effective Monday 25 March 2019, irregular-shaped baggage will no longer be allowed to be checked in at OR Tambo baggage counters.

What is irregular-shaped baggage?

• Duffel and soft-shaped bags
• Round bags
• Bags with long hanging straps
• Bags without any flat surfaces
What baggage is allowed?
• Bags with at least one flat surface
• Suitcases

What to do if you arrive at the airport with non-compliant baggage?

• Remove any long hanging straps
• Cellotape or secure the straps
• Have the bags wrapped in plastic (standard cost is R90 per bag).
To avoid any inconvenience and potential delays, Flight Centre strongly recommends all passengers travel with regular-shaped baggage.
If this is not possible, passengers are advised to secure their bags correctly ahead of time - such as having them wrapped at the airport. Please allow enough time to do this bearing in mind that baggage wrapping stations may be busier than usual due to the new regulations.
The normal guidelines for hand luggage still apply.

Why the new rule?

According to ACSA, irregular-shaped baggage cause blockages in its baggage handling system resulting in delays. Airports around the world are increasingly adopting this standard. Most recently, Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport instituted the same kind of baggage rules.